JC: A Couple of Questions About AA

Jimmy with all of your film study of the first two games I am curious how many plays you believe AA had a better passing option than the one he chose?
I personally believe this season comes down to him. If a team like TCU can totally sell out on the run and he does not make them pay, then Saturdays game is the template for the rest of the season.
I know there are questions about the WRs and the o-line, hence my question about how many better options AA has had of which he has not taken advantage. I have seen Jordan Jones wide open at least twice this season and he never saw the ball. That is just one example.
As for the offensive line, Tyler Wilson and Brandon Allen faced far worse pass rushes at times than AA has seen this season. Yet he has had happy feet both games, which seems to be occupying his mind. His brother and Wilson at times were nearly killed by bad blocking and yet seemed to handle it better. This is not a matter of whether AA is tough. It is about what is going on in his mind. He can take a lick and come right back, but he looks like the pass rush is in his head.
I question whether our “IDENTITY” gets in our way. We are so hell bent on running the ball that we can’t and we become predictable. We clearly were predictable to TCU Saturday and there was NO adjustment. How about we say going in we are going to run the ball and then “gasp” we pass the ball? Perhaps then when they have to play honest we might be able to run the ball.
If this is all a matter of lost WRs and a once again oversold by the coaching staff offensive line then it doesn’t matter what is in AA’s noggin’. But, I am wondering if the film shows receivers that are actually open and blocking that Wilson and BA would have been able to perform with? If so I do think AA is capable of adjusting and making this work.