Jayson Stark’s Weird and Wild

I enjoy his takes. The following is a short glimpse from his most recent Weird and Wild.

HEY, “Y” NOT — There are times in every season when I’m well aware there is reason to wonder what’s wrong with me. This note might be one of those times. But I’m going there anyway. “Y” the heck not?

This happened last Friday, in an Astros-Mariners game. First, Yordan Alvarez stepped in to hit in the third inning — and homered. Then Yuli Gurriel was next, and…

So if you’re catching on here, that’s back-to-back home runs by guys whose first names start with a “Y.” And guess who was pitching? And what do you mean — “Y” do I ask?

That would be Yusei Kikuchi, naturally. Which meant we’d just seen … back-to-back homers by dudes whose names start with a “Y” — off a pitcher whose first name also begins with a “Y.” And I don’t know why my friends from STATS even humor me when I ask them stuff like: Has this ever happened? But luckily, they do. And that answer is…

It has happened one other time in history: Yasiel Puig and Yasmani Grandall, off Yovani Gallardo. On the Fourth of Jul-“y” in 2016. And “y”es, “y”ou’re welcome!


that is amazing that it happened before. I wonder what the odds are of that happening?


Also amazing that anyone knows that it’s happened before, though I guess information databases are large enough to have everything these days.

I often have wondered how they keep up with some of these most obscure stats in baseball. I guess they can create a search field for about anything?

Fun stats, thanks for taking time to share. I’m a little weird too, since I love stats and probabilities.

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There is so much more in this week’s article. This was just a tiny sample. IMO reading Stark is worth a good deal of the price to subscribe to The Athletic.

Andy Staples, Stewart Mandel and Nicole Auerbach on college football, and Brian Hamilton and Eamonn Brennan on college hoops, are worth it for me. Plus my English soccer fix.

I love Jayson Stark.

Baseball Tonight was amazing when it had him, Peter Gammons, Tim Kurkjian and all of those guys. I really miss that show.


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