looks like he did find a tattoo artist he likes, obviously can afford all he wants.

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I believe he got all those done – or at least most of them – prior to the draft.

Just another thing I don’t understand. Really not a fan of the ink, but really don’t understand covering up a large part of your body. Guess since I don’t complain about today’s music, to keep my old coot card I have to gripe about something else.


About 10 years ago, when I was running a lot, my running groups included several women. Two of them, both around 40 at the time and both somewhat attractive, decided they wanted sleeves – tattoos completely covering all or part of the arm. And they both got their sleeves – full color, not like JWill has (I can’t say I remember ever seeing a black person with color tattoos, although I’m sure it happens).

The ink on his right shoulder is a tribute to Fort Smith and Northside. He has his Northside jersey and Arkansas jersey on him, and the Northside school building. I also wrote last season about another tat he has:

Our son has multiple tattoos, most all of them tributes to someone or another, or something or another. And done by an incredible artist. I would not get a tattoo, for one thing what if I changed my mind, for another I have framed tribute photos and artwork all over the house, why have them on me also. But although not for me, I like my son’s tattoos. My wife, however, without giving him approval or grief, does not get it.

I have a small one that has a lot of meaning to me. I think that’s why I tend to ask athletes about them. I’ve found there is typically a story behind it.

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I know I am showing my age (60 next month) I just don’t like tattoos. That said, to each his own!

As i get older I do notice more and more attractive women who have them. I know they could not care less if I find the tattoos attractive, but I do not. I think it takes away from their attractiveness.

And for the record, I do have several friends and coworkers who do have tattoos and it doesn’t make me think less of them, I just don’t think they are attractive (I also don’t think my son’s hair cut is attractive and it matters not one little bit what I think about it! :slight_smile: )

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