Jaylin Willians update (story)...

Had 8 points and 8 rebounds as Fort Smith Northside beat Texarkana Pleasant Grove 76-44 on Thursday night st the Coke Classic in Fort Smith

FSN plays Bryant at 5:50 p.m. on Friday

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How strong does he look…especially jockeying on the inside…210 lbs for 6’10" sounds a little light?

As Coach Burnett pointed out in my Thursday story, he has to get stronger:

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6’10 Arkansas high school player and only putting up 8 points when he’s probably 3 feet taller than everyone in the gym is troubling he may be another Ethan Henderson

Don’t look too much into his points here. He barely played the 2nd half. The team they played was uhhh…less than stellar.

As the story states - but apparently good enough - he is averaging around 15 points a game.

Williams played the first half of his team’s game on Thursday, which they led 53-15 at halftime.

So that’s 8 points and 8 rebounds in a half.

The desire - it seems to me - to tear kids down instead of looking for what they do well that college coaches see and want to offer them is puzzling to me.

Oh, and three feet taller? I haven’t looked at Pleasant Grove’s roster, but if their guys are 3-foot-10 they are not going to win many games at all this season.

I too would be terribly concerned about his output if this was true. I highly doubt it is tho.

No one should ever judge a player by one game especially a center who often does not dictate the number of touches he gets. But if we fairly judge this young man by Thursday’s performance, I will gladly take a 6-10 player who averaged 16 points and 16 rebounds per 32 minutes.

I would like to organize a game between me and some of my seasoned basketball buddies and the Lilliputians from Pleasant Grove. I think I could use my 2 foot height advantage in the paint and possibly put up a double double. I sure hope these little fellas don’t like playing up tempo basketball though :wink:

Sometimes we all look at stats from a game without looking at the entire situation about the game.
The talent level in Arkansas has been better the last few years and a lot of kids play traveling ball.
I sure hope the young man become a hog.
Thank you for the story

Obviously the 3 foot taller statement was hyperbole and I’m sure you knew that Dudley…
nonetheless I still think this guys seasonal stats should be better considering his physical superiority to 90 percent of the players he faced
My question is this has he ever even had a 30 point game in his career?

I think his highs so far this year are 28 points and 14 rebounds, but I will double check with Coach Burnett.

thanks for the update…And who did he play for last season on the AAU circuit?