Jaylin Williams' measurements at NBA Combine

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Some of Jaylin’s physical measurement comparisons include Amare Stoudemire, Charlie Villanueva and Trey Lyles. Pretty interesting to me.

6’ 10” “in shoes”.

Man I miss Dudley.


Something else I found interesting:

Combine max vertical jump: 30 inches

Note: According to the Razorbacks’ game notes, Williams’ max vertical was 35 inches.

Combine standing vertical: 24.5 inches

Note: According to the Razorbacks’ game notes, Williams’ standing vertical was 26 inches.

Those are not good numbers. The NBA is going to, rightly, question his athleticism as a big. JWill is not a volume rebounder or shot-blocker.

He will make his money being a stretch 4. He is not that yet. I truly hope someone with sense tells him to go back to college and work on his shot and defensive verticality. There are no guarantees being the 45th pick. None.

Why would he want to be another Isaiah Joe…2nd round pick that left too early…making millions…but never plays? The making millions part sounds nice, but do you really want to play…or clap for the guys that actually play? To me, life is too short to clap and sit on the bench, but I’m not a millionaire either.

Quite honestly, I have no idea what he’s doing. If he wants to bet on himself, he should…take his huge NIL, lead Arkansas to a Final 4, and cash out next year as a lottery pick. Nothing else makes sense to me. JMO.

When the analysis of Jaylin game skills at the combine are announced, that will be the time to plead that he returns to the Hogs. I know that the Razorback fans hope that he will return for 1 more season. Personally,I hope that he will return for one more season. But that decision will be made by Jalen.

His name is Jaylin.

Lots of good points have been made to argue for J Will’s return. However, very few posters on this site can set aside their personal biases and emotion on the subject, when making their case. I sure can’t.

So, I have, in a sense, let J Will go. If he decides to come back next year, then great. If not, we’ll, I’m
confident Coach has a plan.

I honestly think we’ll be perceived as a better team by most everyone, if he returns (and, thus ranked higher, talked about more, etc). But, with these coaches and with what we have on the roster now, I think we have a chance to be Final Four good either way.

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Here are a couple of links for you this morning:

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The Dawson method is now the officially accepted height measuring method of the National Basketball Association!

The “in shoes” distinction is made because guys are also measured without shoes. Not sure why, but they are.

I think the REAL story is he is only 6’8 & 3/4". I have complained for years the coaches don’t post actual heights (without shoes!). About 3-4 years ago I quizzed an assistant about this and he said the HC decides who to measure with/without shoes…that was pre -Muss, but nothing has or will change. Coaches can be like the press in that regard. Too bad the combine folks can’t come to campus and give us accurate numbers on ALL players.

I guess I’m not getting why it matters what his height is without shoes? I think the variance in vertical jump numbers are what I found most intriguing.

It’s not so much with basketball shoes, but there are some running shoes (Hokas in particular) that make you like 2 inches taller, which is kinda cheating.

Of course Dudley says nobody ever played in an NBA game barefoot, which is true, but then NFL prospects should be weighed in shoulder pads and helmets because nobody ever played in an NFL game without them.

I guess we start finding out this afternoon whether he’s going to come back or not. The quote he gave Andy Katz the other day was interesting though. A guarantee? Of what?


I just came back to this thread to say what you said about football players…you beat me to it. To me, it is all about truth in advertising…height, weight, vertical, whatever!

Scottie, Thanks so much for the info on Jaylin’s team and the TV stations and times when he is playing! I’ve already set to record both games.

I would point out that your time of ESPN2 starting at 5PM, should be at 4PM central time, at least according to my TV Guide for ESPN2. So, there may be a chance the end of Jaylin’s game may switch to ESPN2 for the final few minutes.

Your Friday tv times agree with my TV Guide. So that means the first half of Jaylin’s game Friday will be played on ESPN 2 and the 2nd half will be on ESPN News.

This is what I wrote:

Williams, who is a part of Team Curry for the event’s scrimmages, will play his first game at 2:15 p.m on Thursday. Coverage will air on ESPNEWS until 4 p.m., when it will then switch to ESPN2.

You are correct. I see that I was actually referring to Bob Holt’s article that you brought to the board through a link in your post. I assumed that it was your article. Sorry.

I was referring to this paragraph in Holt’s article:

“Television coverage of the combine begins at 2 p.m. today on ESPNEWS and continues at 5 p.m. on ESPN2. Friday’s coverage begins at noon on ESPN2 and continues at 1 p.m. on ESPNEWS.”

I got you, and thanks for the note on that. I made the change to that story.

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