Jaylin Williams last night

had 11 points, 12 rebounds, 2 assists in Ft. Smith Northside’s 51-31 victory over LR Hall. He’ll announce from Arkansas and Auburn on Saturday

R D , you know what time ?

Not yet. Plan to find out.

Don’t mean to bug you, I know it can change, still feeling good about JW staying home, like you were last night?

Yes I do.

Thank you , sir .

What kind of offensive player is he? We are really going to have to have someone who can score in the paint.

It will be best for Arkansas if Williams can play the stretch 4.

He is highly skilled and has excellent 3-point range as well as inside and mid-range games.

If Chaney and a junior college or high school signee can handle the paint, then it could be outstanding for Arkansas and Williams.

Thanks Dudley sounds like a tremendous prospect!

Watching him it appears he does not like a whole lot of physical contact. Do I have that right based on your observation.

I agree stretch 4 would be his spot. I think he is perfect for Coach Muss system.

So Williams and Vanover will be out at the 3pt line with the guards. I surely hope Muss can land a big with some kind of inside presence. Maybe the other redshirt will help. Still will need one more tho.

I think he’s an excellent fit for Arkansas. Clearly rebounding and Defense are vital to what Musselman likes to do.

Dudley, where does Iyiola fit into this? He is a 6-9 inside player.

Here we go again, Arkansas & Auburn are his final 2?
Leave my thoughts to myself.

I actually expected Williams to play the four with Vanover at the five. Think it would be better for the team if they played that way

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Totally agree. WPS

I need to see more of Bay Bay before I pronounce him the answer to the question