Jaylin Williams is

iaveraging 19.8 points, 12.5 rebounds, 2.8 blocks, 2.3 assists & 1.4 steals a game for the Grizzlies. He’s shooting 51.2 % from the field, 40.4 % from three, 65.4% from the FT line.


Sounds promising for him to get good minutes in the front court next year. One stat in particular makes me think he will be in the rotation from the start.

The good percentage on threes is what could really be a difference maker, just like Vanover’s three point shooting is what will give him the most value. If you force the other guy’s bigs to step out to defend that opens up the floor for the close twos that Muss craves, and it makes it much harder to concentrate on the guards who shoot the threes. If Williams and Vanover could shoot somewhere around 33/34 percent that would help the offense enormously.

How does Jaylin compare with R. Perry?

I assume he’ll have to play inside next year considering we really have nobody else that can do that. I’m very excited to have some size to be able to battle these teams a lot better.

RD, any idea how many threes Jaylin has shot this year? If he shoots 35% at the college level, it’s going to be a fun ride.

I think it was around 60. Sorry, I deleted the email after I posted the stats. My email was at capacity.

Either way, a large enough sample size to know he’s going to be a threat shooting it from the outside at the next level.

Jaylin is going to play and play a lot because of talent, height and versatility.

I have been clear in that I think he is a prototypical stretch 4, but can get it done inside as well.

As far as comparing to Reggie Perry, I would say that he is a similar athlete, but a better outside shooter at this point than Reggie was.

Oh, and you will never get me to rag on Reggie for going from committed to Arkansas to committed to Mississippi State.

But those around him, well.

That being said, Reggie has gone from 6-8, 215 kid to 6-10, 250 man and is a much better player as a college sophomore than he was a college freshman.

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RD/DD…it’s hard to watch KK and Moses and think they aren’t starting next season. I know we are over a year away but how do you think the lineup projects assuming Joe/Jones return?

Userpick, I’m like you I think with Moody, KK, Jaylin, and Davonte coming in along with the existing team at least two of the newbies will be starters.

I’ll be very surprised if Joe and Jones don’t come back.

I think the possibility is there but at what point?

don’t forget Connor and Notae! loaded next year


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