Jaylin Williams included in The Athletic's 2022 draft big board

Jaylin comes in at No. 86 here. First time I’ve seen his name mentioned ($$):


Nooooooooo! Gotta see him play with Nick, Jordan and Co. next year. Stay away NBA!

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As of now, I would think you will.

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Being 82nd on the big board would mean “not going to be drafted”. His best hope would be to latch on as an undrafted free agent and maybe make a roster like Mason Jones did. And Mase was the leading scorer in the SEC in 2020, don’t forget. Very good chance he’s in the G League making $37,000; at best he would make $125,000 on a two-way deal. A good NIL deal might well exceed that, especially with JWill’s personality.

I agree and get excited just thinking about that line-up next season.

However, if his improved overall play from the beginning of the season to now continues through the rest of the season and into the post season with a deep run, I will begin to worry. Man, has he come on strong lately. The boy has a lot of talent that is beginning to unfold right before our eyes.

I don’t believe anything but a 1st round draft pick would entice him to leave after this season. He sure appears to love the Hogs and college basketball. He would be the perfect leader for this talented incoming class.

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He plays with a joyful exuberance. He is an inspiration to teammates.

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At this juncture, J Will is not a scorer or a complete College player. But, he has two solid years of college D1 experience, and progressive experience.

My view is that there are several top prospects that bypass college and go straight to the NBA and they’ve achieved this without the very respectable resume that J Will is building. Considering his size, as critically important, if he progresses next year at this same level, I’d think he’d be a top 20 draft selection.

Just my opinion but I don’t ever see him as a top 20 draft pick. Even though a super college player he’s not athletic enough to guard NBA guys his size. Not quick enough. No criticism just my view.

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I think He will be back,I think he can see what kind of talent we are bringing in and will want to be a part of it.

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