Jaylin Williams commits to Hogs

Oh happy day!

Keep it rolling.

Awesome!! needed that!

Fantastic. Huge get. 2020 recruiting class coming together! KK you’re on deck.

Wow, let’s keep it going. WPS

FS Northside’s Jaylin Williams is a great kid in addition to being a great basketball pick-up for Arkansas. It’s a sad deal that somebody leaked his commit video and took away from what a great day it is for him.

Richard and I are always going to try and do things the right way.

Williams gives the hogs some much needed height! I’m proud he committed now let’s wait and see what happens in the early signing period!
Does anyone have any idea what KK will do yet?
This may end up being the best signing class in 25 years.

I feel good about KK. Definitely not going to call it a lock, but it looks real good for the Razorbacks there as well

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WPS…Good news. Was worried

WPS!! I was nervous! Relieved now!

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Up to #8 in the class rankings

WPS & GHG!!! Muss is building something special on the Hill. Can’t wait to see these fabulous homegrown hot shots playing together. May Day + Miller was quite a trio. They got it rollin for Nolan and now this group can lead us to the next big chapter in our storied history.

Way to go Jaylin…Hoorah Grizzlies…wps

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Great news, so glad he decided to stay home and help bring some better days to Hog basketball fans.

Go Hogs!

It would be appreciated if someone would summarize Williams potential moving forward. I have never seen him play but his size is certainly welcomed. Is he primarily a back to the basket post type player or does he have the ability to play outside? He appears to have good athleticism and looks like he has not filled out yet meaning he might still have some growing to do. It was a long time ago but there was a 6’3 kid out of Hamburg who was not highly recruited as a senior and ended up at UCA. He too looked like he had some growing left to do and to make a long story short he ended up somewhere around 6’8 and is in the discussion for being one of the all time NBA greats. Of course I am talking about Scotty Pippin. Jaylin reminds me of Pippin in that he looks like he still has so maturing to do.

He can play with his back to the basket and he can face up. He’s a pretty good shot from three too. You got it right about his athleticism. Good but not great. He won’t ever be a Gafford type shot blocker. Needs to be more aggressive.

Pretty good passer for a big guy.

I see him being a guy that Muss can help develop.

You said “he can play” and not “he has played”. That is the way I see it. In every game I have seen him play in AAU ball and state championship games. I have yet to see him with his back to the basket. But certainly there is no reason why he cannot develop that skill in college. Not quick or athletic, but certainly has the size.

A more recent example, Jaylin plays like the big 6-10 German guy who played for South Dakota last night, although somewhat more athletic.

Who leaked it? I had a busy day and haven’t seen anything about this yet. Why people want to steal thunder from kids is beyond me.

Jaylin is great in the post and has a shot out to beyond the 3-point line.

I look at him as a true stretch 4

He may or may not continue to grow but he most definitely can put on some muscle and weight. So far the mix of skill set for the recruits looks really good ( True Point Guard - True Shooting Guard - True Power Forward and Center / Stretch Forward. I always thought that MA recruited to many guys with similar skills so for me this is a nice change. I think the MA recruiting strategies are showing up with this small lineup that we are seeing. Musselman has done a great job utilizing the talent that he has and maybe they can continue to capitalize on their mismatches but I suspect we are going to dominated on the boards and on power post offense once they get in the SEC. It is going to be interesting to watch this play out.