Jaylin Williams announcing

So any hope he might change his mind and sign early goes out the window.

You still like Arkansas RD?

My hope is that if Jaylin or any of the home state players read this board that they will decide to become Razorbacks and follow in the paths of Moncrief, Delph, Brewer, U.S. Reed, Corliss Williamson and Joe Johnson.
Become favorite sons of your home state forever and provide Razorback fans hope at a time when it is much needed.
Call the Hogs Jaylin!

Yes I do.

Jaylin said he will likely tweet out his announcement between 1-3 on Sat.

RD/Dudley, honest question. Everyone seems to be announcing these commitments at some type of ceremony. Is there a reason Jaylin isn’t?

Good q. Bump

I thought of that too. It is concerning.

Maybe he has a game.

Not all guys are ceremony types.

Ahhh, thank you

I like those guys that don’t. In fairness to Chris Moore, I don’t think he seemed to like his ceremony that much. The adults there seemed to love their moments though.

As I posted during the ceremony, there were way too many adults involved in Moore’s thing. I would have said the same thing if he had chosen us (since I said it well before he announced).

I think Chris’s older brother was orchestrating that ceremony at West Memphis. I’m sure he got really tight with Pearl recently. That reminds me of how Marcus ran the show for Malik. These adults are looking for a pay day in my opinion.

Most adults truly care about their sons and brothers, etc.

Chris never sought publicity like some others.

His brother was great to Richard and I.

I really like the dude.

Jaylin has a game in North Little Rock on Saturday.

He is all about the number 23 so once he made the decision to not sign early, it was going to be Nov. 23, Dec. 23, Jan. 23, etc.

Jaylin is another kid that doesn’t see out attention, but is very receptive and polite when someone needs to get in touch with him.

He truly is a great young man who is going to be a success in life even if the basketball thing does not work out for him.

FWIW, Jaylin has only visited Auburn once and that was the recent OV.