Jaylin Williams 9 minutes

Has anyone explained this? We seemed (to me) to be forcing the offense through him early on. But then he disappeared.

I think the way they were playing offense dictated his minutes…

The way ORU was scheming their offense and defense, it made it tough to play Williams. They were playing five out most of the time on offense, and they were keeping five guys on the floor who could shoot threes, so that pulled Williams way outside. I think Muss was also a little concerned about Williams ending up trying to close out Abmas and some of the others on threes early in the game.

ORU was playing defense to keep Justin Smith under control, and they were daring us to force it inside, either to Smith or Williams. Once we went smaller, it forced their forwards/big guards to defend further out-which led to several fouls when we got around those guys headed to the basket. It also let us exploit ORU’s lack of quickness inside, and made Abmas defend Tate or Moody. Devo and Tate just beat ORU to the ball inside several times, and Smith exposed the fact Obanor is not a quick leaper.

Believe Muss decided to go small and play Smith at the 5 for a better matchup. I think he did the same against Colgate. Funny thing about sports, if we had lost, it would go down as a coaching mistake. When you win, it is a great coaching adjustment,

Perhaps if the Hogs played some zone defense they could’ve gotten more minutes with Jaylin on the floor which is where he needs to be instead of sitting on the bench watching the game. His presence on the boards and in the assists on offense have been a huge key in our success and he can’t contribute if you allow your opponent to completely dictate style of play.
CEM, usually does a great job in these areas.

Playing zone against ORU is playing with fire. Open looks from 3 are much easier to get against a zone.

Playing zone against ORU is handing Abmas and Obanor a golden ticket; “Here, shoot as many open threes as you want.” They made enough threes as it was. I think it was almost 11 minutes before they made a two-point shot.

Fortunately, you aren’t our coach,

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Going to a zone against that bunch would have been suicidal. So glad Muss channeled his inner Steve Martin.

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We’ve played - what? - 5 minutes of zone all year?

Interestingly, Arkansas ranks 145 in 3pt defense and Syracuse ranks 72.

But, I’ve heard you don’t zone a 3pt shooting team.

I think we need offense right now more than anything. So whatever line up that is is the one I want.

If we played zone last night we would have got shot out of the gym.

Oral Roberts leads the county in three point shooting. With Smith in the game who could Williams guard? No knock on Williams but match ups dictate who plays. When JD couldn’t stay in front of his man coach went with Desi and Desi rose to the occasion.


You can’t play zone against ORU for any length of time. They shoot threes way too well. Plus when you play zone most defenders do not box out nearly as well, leading to second chance points.

We gave them a zone look on exactly one possession last night, and then switched it into man after they got to half court.

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Ever heard of a box and one?
Not a coach and glad you’re not our coach either!
I was just pointing out that the lack of having one of our major contributors in the game is a problem and maybe other options could have been tried.

Maybe you didn’t notice but we killed them on the boards in the second half! And Smith got 11 offensive boards. I like Williams a lot, but they had the right lineup on the court based on their opponents. Even if the had lost it wouldn’t have been a coaching error. They shut down Obanor completely without Williams in the lineup. Let’s leave the coaching to Muss! Desi had 6 rebounds and so did Devo!

I have you blocked. Unfortunately I read your crap anyway. A box and one is not a zone; it’s a junk defense. And I will go back to completely ignoring you since you have no idea what you’re talking about,

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Telling someone you’re ignoring them. Hilarious.

Unfriend him while you’re at it. What age are you, really? 55? SMH

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Good with me, I have no use for you and your no it all garbage attitude and postings as I’m sure many others feel the same about.

That’s it exactly! Can’t have a different opinion than his or in his mind you don’t know anything.
Completely childish behavior.

Can’t we all just enjoy how great it is to be a Hog fan right now? Don’t hate on each other. We love the same team. Hate on the Baylor Bears.


I’m all for opinions. But Muss wanted to play 4 guards. I don’t need to debate why or if it was a good idea. I think Jaylin can help us but CEM game plans for each game. Maybe next game we see JW over desi for 28 min and you can opine desi should have seen more minutes. IDK but I know I like the results so far.

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