Jaylin W

More like Bobby P than Daniel G? Might he even have a higher ceiling than Bobby?

My personal opinion is yes, I believe he has a higher ceiling. But right now at the same stage (HS SR), I think BP was a better player

Haven’t seen JW play, didn’t see BP at Hall either, but it’s November. JW may be a better player in February and March than he is now. Whether he’s better than BP at that point is another question.

Just wondering…but why do you think this?

Because of his overall game. BP was (to me anyway) a very good (5*) offensive player who developed into a decent defender in the SEC. Williams is a good offensive player (with the potential to be better at at three levels) and I think he’s better defensively than BP was at this stage. He still has room for improvement both offensively and defensively

Williams definitely has more range at this point than Bobby had. Bobby didn’t develop a 3pt shot until his sophomore year and then built on that into his NBA career.

BP had a 3pt shot in HS. Heck at the McD’s AA game, he jacked them up whenever he was on offense

The young man went off for 33 and 11 against North Carolina’s Five Star center recruit… He can shoot the three and has a good mid-range shot too. Not a banger now, but Muss will coach him up.

Didn’t develop a “reliable” 3pt shot until his sophomore season. He only made 9 his freshman year and 23 for his career, Jaylin will make more than that next season. BP certainly wasn’t known as a shooter in HS or thought of as a stretch 4 like Jaylin is.

Of course, there were other things he did better than Jaylin at this point in their careers.

Fair point on reliable 3pt

I watched them both in high school.

I’d say Portis is more athletic (jumps and runs better). Williams is more skilled (better shooter and handler).

I think that’s accurate. Will be interesting to see how the weight room can help Jaylin up here.

Having watched them both, you are spot on. Bobby also played the true post quite a bit in high school. One thing that struck me first time I saw Jaylin was his hands and his passing skills. His pure basketball skills minus athleticism are more developed than Bobby at this stage.

Have had a nice run of big men in the state from Portis to Gafford to Vanover to Williams.

I tell ya my jaw dropped when I saw Williams handle the ball and shoot those 3s (like Vanover it’s a pure shot). Williams reminds of Frank Kaminsky, not athletic, but has good overall game out to 3.

The unknown, at this junction, is does Williams have the burning desire to work his but off to get better every day, every game, and every year. To me, that is what made Bobby the player he was for the Razorbacks. Hannahs and Portis were the epitome of hard work and desire to improve. If Jaylin has that, he could equal or pass Portis.