Jaylin never looked to score or take his man to the basket -----

--------------- so consistently it must have been Muss’s orders. As good as his game has progressed, imagine how much more effective we will be when he is allowed or feels free to force the other team to double team him to keep him from scoring! He was covered by the 6-2 McLung at one point and never looked to the basket. He is a great passer and that is probably exactly what Muss told him to do (pass the ball, rebound, defend, & don’t worry about scoring), but that is a huge upside waiting to be developed either during this week before the sweet sixteen or during the off-season.

I totally agree. I bet once he is given freedom to take those shots facing the basket, he will most likely be an above average shooter.

Maybe. Looks reluctant to me, but maybe with a purpose. Clearly, he seems to get called for easy fouls…he doesn’t help much on the bench.

A big guy dribbling the ball in the middle of the lane or towards the basket is what Tech is trying to bait you into doing, at which point they swarm for steals/deflections and try to draw charges. Williams jump shooting has been a bit inconsistent this year, even when not closely guarded, so against that defense it was a better strategy to consistently have him look to pass first.

Muss did let Devo and Moody take shots in that area, as well as Tate and Smith, but all of those guys currently have more ability to hit tougher shots in that range and are less likely to get into trouble with turnovers and charges.

Jaylin is 28-of-61 from the field overall this season, 7-of-23 from 3-point range and 23-of-31 from the free throw line

In SEC games, Jaylin was 23-of-44 overall, 4 of 14 from 3 and 18-of-23 on his charity tosses.

He is a good shooter.

As pointed out earlier, he did what he was supposed to do on Sunday. Muss talked about Justin’s ability to back cut and Jaylin’s passing ability and how they intended to take advantage of that.

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