Jaylin and Devo could leave as legends

Probably shouldn’t put this on a couple of 18 year olds, but I keep thinking about it.

These guys are two of the most likable personalities we’ve had come through. Their games are in that sweet spot: very talented future NBA players but still needing some development. They are extremely competitive, never intimidated…Basically just possess those undefinable qualities that big-time winners have.

On top of it all, we have a staff that can help them reach their ceilings.

Here’s to wishing them good health. It’s the only thing that can stop them.

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Spot on and we better enjoy them while we can.

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I also believe that KK could have a great impact next season and beyond as well when he gets healthy.
Imagine if he would’ve been available for the totality of this season how many more combinations at guard CEM would’ve had at his disposal. If he comes back next season healthy along with a couple of more key transfer portal transfers the Hogs should be in good shape.

Very true. To have the depth we have without KK is pretty unbelievable.

Did ya’ll see KK in the huddle yesterday. His biceps were about to bust his shirt open. That dude has been in the weight room since he got hurt.

My son said “dang he’s swole”


I noticed that myself Razor. Thought the same thing (swole lol). He will be able to stand his ground.

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Heard on several occasions yesterday that Tech only had one senior… didn’t witness that we started three true freshmen.

Do we have depth? We have been playing six really and barely Desi and Connor. I think that is just the way Muss likes it.

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