Jaylen Williams = Very important part! IMO a loss to A&M really could have torn us up

NOW YOU tell me how important Jaylen Williams…

A HUGE peace to our puzzle.

Remember Ky beat us in what?? SEC 1994 SEC Tourney…Then we were off to 6 more to win it all !!

I think in 94 Nolan used that tourney loss to refocus the hogs and it paid huge dividends. I’ve always thought without that loss we might not have won it all, of course that’s just opinion because we only lost 2 other games all year I think and perhaps it would not have mattered,

Kentucky kicked our butt in that SECT game in '94. Final margin was 12 and it wasn’t even that close. Probably a lack of focus, which happens sometimes in conference tournaments, but we sure focused for the next six games.

Jaylin should come off quarantine Wednesday if my math is right. Hope so. We need him going forward.

As much as I hate to admit it, Kentucky OWNED us in the SEC Tourney back in those days. WE would win in the regular season in Rupp or Fayetteville, but dangit they’d get us in the tourney evey time.

I remember saying it was easier for US to win a Natty than win the SEC Tourney.

Though we shook the pillars of heaven when we first joined the conference and took our game into “sacred” Rupp Arena where the Kats never lose and we brought the Hog Calls and a Victory that wasn’t even close. My memory wants to say it was something like 112-91, but my memory is not what it was and that could be wrong and I’m too lazy to look it up.

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That first game in Rupp was 105-88. Kentucky led by 1 at halftime, and we kicked their butt in the second half. We wound up with six players in double figures and shot 49 free throws to 18 for them (and they missed 8 of those).

Kentucky’s leading scorer in that game? A redheaded forward named John Pelphrey had 23.

Without Jaylen, we only really have 5 fouls to give from the C (PF) position. Kudos to Smith; played a great, long, game to be effective and not to foul out.

Kentucky practiced 7 on 5 to prepare for that game, and it still didn’t matter.

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