Jaylen Moody update

Looks like he’s Bama bound. Bama contact is expecting the Tide to lose two of the LBs.

Unreal RD! Any other year and Bama signs the 3 or 4 they want at LB and this year it doesn’t happen and quite possibly costs us a solid LB!!! :x :x :x :x :x :x

This what it looks like but in recruiting anything can happen.

Left lane mercy.

11-29 quit your passive aggressive bellyaching mercy

Fans are itching for the Left Lane thing to be a high occupancy vehicle! No driver-only vehicles.

And, certainly for UA fans, no motorcycles in the fast lane. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Okey Dokey!

I guess I am being stupid. What is the reference? This comment seems to have got a reaction from some so I assume it means something.

Touché - by the way how’s Bret’s Nebraska class looking?!? :lol:


Touché - by the way how’s Bret’s Nebraska class looking?!? :lol:

[/quote]Bret is not my coach, he was until he wasn’t. Trust that decision makers made the right decision at the right time and made the right choice. I am over Bret, can you say the same?

Man, Notorious, I hate this because you used to be one of my very favorite posters. And I felt exactly the way you did about all the Jeff Long stuff.

But now I avoid reading your posts because of this passive aggressive “mercy” thing you’ve been doing now for about 3 months.

I know how you feel. We all know how you feel.

Can you just save it for posts about the administration? We lose a linebacker to Nick Saban and you can’t miss the chance to hate on Morris for it?

After reading your posts for so many years I know you understand that 2019 is the real measure for recruiting.

I’ll move on and won’t mention it again, but it’s tired and disappointing.

Some people salivate at every chance to attack the coach.

Many are the ones who are deeply upset that bret failed miserably.

I’m not sure at what point we stopped being fans of the permanent University, the football program, but instead of the temporary coach.
Really upsetting, I hope Chad does great, I hoped Bret would do great, but it was easy to see in that 3rd and 4th year, he didn’t have what it took.

Now, he left Chad in a giant crater, on top of the new early signing period, and posters choose to attack him, instead of taking it for what it is.

This class is not great, it’s a decent class, especially for the scenario given. I think he did all he could do.

Wait for the 2019 class, mercy.

I was and still am a big Bret supporter, but it was obvious a change was needed. It just wasn’t working out, and so now I’m a big Chad supporter. That’s the way it should be. It’s time for EVERYONE to move on. Chad has a big hole not of his making to try to dig the UA out of, so let’s be patient and give the man a chance. The Bret supporters should do that. At the same time, those who feel the urge to slap Bret in the face over and over and over need to get over themselves and move on as well. Bret’s not a bad coach; he just didn’t work well here. It was the wrong fit. Let’s look forward to the 2018 season with our new coach and forget about the past. The future of this program is now what matters.