Jaylen Barford's girlfriend cited for shoplifting...

after an initial report that it was Barford

Seriously, you got to be kidding me.

Good Lord.


Geez…how dumb can you be? The hits just keep on coming…

Edit: Never mind. Apologies to Jaylen…whew!

Well I guess the PK 80 uniform should have had stripes!

I don’t think he’ll be wearing that uniform. He’ll be back in Fayetteville reflecting on his bad judgement. Hard to believe that after all the athletes in the news for shoplifting lately, he would make the same stupid decision. This will cost Jaylen plenty and hurt the team.


Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be a Razorback fan. Such a year of promise for this basketball team and this from one of the leaders of this team. Add Thomas and Cook to that mix as well. Just let’s all the air out. This Thanksgiving weekend might test everyone’s patience. Football stinks, new football coach soon, basketball was our hope until baseball. Now this. Geez.

Hopefully this will be dealt with after the Portland trip. Mike isn’t going to leave him home.

Don’t know all the details yet but it was obviously minor enough that he was just cited.

Maybe he’ll just miss Thursday. Have to send a message and be consistent though.

He won’t b in Portland what r u people thinking.

Sounds like it wasn’t him.

I hope it wasn’t!!!

Girlfriend cited, not Barford.

It wasn’t him, that is good news.

very very good news!!!

Somebody get her a scholarship!

Seriously though, how do you tell a local news reporter that Barford got cited and then an hour later go, “oops, it was actually his girlfriend, my bad…”??

Any attorneys available?

Im here if he needs me haha

I hope this is true. On radio in Little Rock they say it was not him but someone with him. He’s in no trouble at all. Please let that b correct. Whoever first reported this apparently did do without verification.