Jaylen Barford

Kid is a different breed of man child. When is the last time we had a guard with those shoulders?


I can’t remember us ever having a Guard who was built like that. In another lifetime I lived in Jacksonville, FL and followed the JU Dolphins. They had a dandy SG, SF player named Otis ‘My Man’ Smith. He was about 6’4- 6’5 and built like that. He went on to play 6 or 7 seasons in the NBA.

Wonder why his baby and girlfriend don’t move to Fayetteville. I’m guessing they would qualify for married/partnered housing.

His body shape and size reminds me of Craig Tyson, who came in with Corliss andScotty, but never played due to injuries.

He was a little shorter I think, but Arlyn “Truck” Bowers was pretty ripped if I remember correctly…

He was built but under 6’.