Jayden Gardner comments:

Both Brooks and Lykes were preseason All-ACC. That would be a trip to land both of them. But I agree I’d rather have Gardner.

Brooks’ dad is an assistant at Moo U. Maybe he winds up in Stankvomit.

There probably isn’t a team in the country that wouldn’t take Brooks whether they had an open slot or not.

A huge difference maker.

I don’t doubt any team would take him, just said I prefer Gardner, but it’s about what Muss prefers

I agree that 9 to 10 guys would start some game during the year. But that is not the same as saying we have 10 starters to choose from, which is what the post above is saying. For example, later in the season you couldn’t count Henderson or Jackson or maybe even Sills as possible starters. They may start out of necessity rather than as a result of a strategic move.

IF Muss imparted a desire to obtain JG’S services (and he has) I’d say it would be in JG’S best interest to take that offer!
Hard to imagine how bizarre things have changed so drastically in such a short time.
Who has a 7’3 player that will only sub sparingly?

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Going back to comments on Gardner, found this at The Athletic:

Against quality competition, Gardner has been much less efficient. Whereas his overall true-shooting percentage is about average at 56.4, in 31 games against Tier A+B competition, according to KenPom.com, Gardner has only posted a 50.5 true-shooting percentage. That probably has to do with the fact he doesn’t have much ability to shoot it, and is an undersized big reliant on finishing around the rim. He’s good at it, but is he good enough to consistently do it at the highest levels? That remains an open question.

Not saying I don’t want him, but food for thought, They also said this about Christian Bishop:

Bishop isn’t exactly a stretch-four option, as he has taken just eight career 3s and is a liability at the free-throw stripe. But he has already proved his versatility and adaptability for a top-10 team, and he’ll bring a lot of value wherever he goes.

Liabilities at the line can get you beat. You can’t always sub offense for defense or defense for foul shooting.

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I worry about too unathletic…sounds opposite to the normal Muss take

The highlights I’ve seen look plenty athletic; inability to shoot from distance does not equal unathletic. He scored enough around the rim to make all-conference (the AAC isn’t the SEC but it’s also not the Sun Belt). I think there’s value in having a banger; we’ve seen too many Arkansas teams get pushed around inside. Muss knows what he wants and needs. If Gardner comes on board I’m good with that.

I did not see him as Corlissesque.

He’s 6-7, 235 and I don’t see any baby fat there. He got 21 points and 15 rebounds in the game that they beat Houston, which was known as a crash-the-boards team (their second game with Houston was cancelled).

After years of failed recruiting and coming in 2nd in a 2 horse race, I am excited we have options. Too many quality starter options is the problem I think Muss will be able to solve. Nothing like looking down your bench and sending in as good as or better player who fits what you need right now.

we need a bunny shooter and a 3point gunner, the lists of players left are tantalizing. Many on this board are thinking we need to recapture the method of last year with Tate and Smith, not sure about that and I worry about who wants to play with whom with just one ball on the court at a time…

I’m amazed that this thread rarely if at all talks about KK. If he’s here, he will be playing. I think you’ll see kk as much as Lykes. Don’t know why you wouldn’t. It’s amazing how people rarely talked about Devo this time last year and he was one of the stars. Also equally amazing how much Jackson was talked about and he wasn’t. That very well could happen with Toney, Umude and Lykes. Just never know until they show up and play in the SEC.

All true. I think it is a matter of getting a door open. Desi opened the door for Devo to step in with his inconsistent play followed by injury, Would Lykes and JD do the same for KK?

I see Lykes as a JD replacement. I see kk as a Tate replacement.

I think KK plays as well. He is a stud. The competition on this team is going to be unlike any team ever probably at AR. Practices will be just crazy.

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There’s also the transfer from UALR. He practiced with the team all year. Early on, he was banging so hard Muss asked him to back off and not hurt anybody.

This may be the banger everybody is looking for.

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Same was said last year. Calm down.

Lykes is coming here to play the point. He came here because he believes Muss can get him to NBA, He is not going to get to NBA as a 5-7 SG. He played the point before and he is not going backwards at Arkansas.

KK’s minutes will depend on whether JD stays or not and whether Muss adds another guard from the portal. KK is a stud but there are too many studs with experience ahead of him. The outlook is Mostly Cloudy for KK.

PJ, are you trying to run KK off? You are so negative toward his chances of playing time. I would imagine the coaches know what they’re doing. KK can make it just like Devo if he wants it.