Jayden Gardner comments:

Arkansas: “Our relationship has been good, coach Musselman and the staff is great. They’re very analytic based. He’s seen it all before and they emphasized how much they want to help me get to where I want to be and how much I can help them. They want to use me in a similar way that they used Justin Smith. I’ve also noticed what they’re doing with their transfers and they’re doing their job to put together the best possible lineup they can to hopefully win a championship. For me I’m thinking about it and will weigh my pros and my cons.”

My question is … who sits among Devo, JWill, CLykes, AToney or Umude to make room for JG in the starting lineup? Gardner may be wondering that himself.


I don’t see any of the 4 you listed who I would describe as a power forward. Umude is kind of a 3-4.

Gardner was the leading scorer and all-conference at ECU. He ain’t coming here to get more minutes. He’s coming here to win. But I suspect he will get plenty of minutes anyway.


Umude would be a 4 in the starting 5 I listed … but, if JG or Bishop sign with the Hogs, who among those 5 would sit to make room for a true power forward?

It would be a good problem to have, but all of those guys are coming to play.


My opinion as it stands right now:

PG - Lykes
SG - Devo
SF - Toney
PF - Johnson
C - Williams

Umude may start over Toney, or play the 4 in small ball line up. Gardner would have to beat out Johnson. Gardner coming here would not affect Lykes, Devo, KK, Toney, or Williams.

I’m not worried about who starts. We probably will have different starters some. We are going to have not so much a starting 5 but a starting 10!

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Starting 10 may not be far from the truth. Different lineups and different rotations depending on matchips.

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I agree with you Swine. Still expect more movement

Muss says that having Toney and Umude on the wing will allow us to play positionless basketball. I take that to mean either Umude or Toney can cover the 4 on the opposing team and also slide into the 4 pot.

I think Muss envisions a lineup of Williams, Umude, Toney, Devo and Lykes or if Gardner cones, a lineup of Williams, Gardner, Umude, Toney and Lykes or a lineup of Gardner, Udume, Toney, Devo and Lykes.

I don’t think Gardner is coming here just to win. Of course he wants to win. He is coming here to start and win.

It also occurs to me that if NCAA does not pass the immediate eligibility rule, Toney may have to sit out. I know Lykes is a graduate transfer. Are Gardner and Umude grad transfers?

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We say that every year, but it has not worked out regardless of the coach. It always comes down to a set starting 5 and a rotation of 8. Perhaps change a player here or there. Coaches don’t want to rotate players in and out if the lineup more than that.

Also we draw up three deep lineups every year, but the depth shrinks as the season gets into conference play because of various reasons,.

Every year we don’t have this many people who have been starting the bulk of their career, PJ. This is a completely different situation. Even Baybe was a starter at Stetson.

Devo – half season
Jaylin – starting at the end of the season.
Baybe – started every game his last year at Stetson
Vanover – two thirds of season here
Notae – started at Jacksonville
Lykes – started the vast majority of the games he was healthy at the U
Toney – three year starter at Pitt, started all but nine of the games where he was healthy
Umude – three year starter at SoDak
Johnson – Started most of his freshman year and all of his soph year at UALR.

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Sounds like it is 99.9% certain any player regardless of class can transfer this particular year and be eligible immediately … less certain, but still probable, is the new rule will allow a one time transfer with immediate eligibility per college career on a permanent basis.


Umude is a grad transfer. Not sure about Gardner. If the NCAA doesn’t pass the rule there are going to be hundreds of very pissed off athletes.

We will see what happens when rubber hits the road. Let’s bookmark this,

Even if Muss goes back to his usual 8 or 9-man rotation, he will have all of those people with extensive starting experience to choose from, plus Mawein and KK.

I looked up the stats. Nine different guys started this year, and three of them were freshmen. Even Vance started three games. I will predict that with injuries, people playing better/worse, matchup considerations, and all that experience, we’ll have 10 different guys start games this year. Maybe more.

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Enter Garrison Brooks of UNC into the portal.

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Come on now, we can’t take more than 7 of them. Can we?

Brooks grew up in Auburn. Anyone wanna guess which bag he’s sniffing around now?

If I remember we recruited him.

Yup, TJ and Mike (our Alabama natives) were on him.

Well, who knows? Think if he has any interest in all in us if it might shake up our priority list any?

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I’d rather have Gardner.