Jay Wright talking about Walsh's tip-out

As the key play of the game. He’s not wrong.


That was the turning point and forced Kansas to play uphill.

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Walsh D was huge! Freshman. Wow.


Don’t disagree. Don’t disagree that Devo was PoG, but we just have to consider all those free throws Council made.

Earlier in the year, he was throwing bricks from the FT line. We were complaining, recall?

Walsh has been great the entire post season. Like Devo, he plays hard and with lots of heart.


Walsh gets his outside shot going and he will be beast on both ends of the court !! WPS

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I know I have mentioned names around yesterday’s game, but failed to acknowledge the observation that as good a defensive effort Devo and Walsh had, it really looked to me the team as a whole really played good defense. In the late second half, our guys were really making it hard for Kansas. We probably fouled or were called for fouling a little much and Mitchell got stuck having to play defense in the open court a bit too much, but a really smothering defense.

It was a physical game, on both sides. Which is why there were 48 fouls called. One reason the DPG was so low (I only remember one, by Walsh, for us). Muss actually had to go 11 deep with all the fouls, although Pinion, Makhel and Ford only got a few seconds.

Devo got fouled six times and RC4 drew 7 fouls. Which is what we couldn’t do in a few SEC games.

Yes indeed

My son has a friend who is a HUGE UCONN fan. Apparently, their fanbase believes they get the shaft on a lot of foul calls like we do. My son and this young man have a friendly little wager on the over/under foul calls. They set it at 60

I think every fan base thinks it gets the shaft on foul calls. Even Dook.

I think you’re right on that point! What gets me is everyone thinks that the foul calls should be called evenly. That doesn’t hold water with me, just call the fouls as they see it and let the rough edges drag as long as you’re calling the game the same on both ends. We’ve all seen guys on here post about how that wasn’t a foul or we got fouled and it wasn’t called. I watch most games 2 to 3 times and most of the time there’s not that many missed calls. WPS

Nope….what a play. If you watch it, you could tell Walsh was setting the KU players up for it as it began to lean in and they leaned with him and then boom….hit em with the spin! Used those long arms to poke that ball out like a pinball back to Ricky. Just an incredible heads up move on his part!