Jay wright, 'nova head coach

retiring at 60. wow.

we lost one of the great ones today folks

That is shocking.

Surprising, he is a sound coach gets the most out of his players. As stated one of the good ones to.

Wow, hope it’s not because of health issues.
He has been in top five of coaches for a long time.

I hope he enjoys retirement!

Yeah definitely caught off guard a little bit by this but the pressure that these guys are going through now with all this nil and transfer portal stuff makes the old guys like Jay say enough is enough. I can already see him being on the lead up shows talking about college basketball, as if he needed any more money he will not be without a job more than 2 seconds

Meanwhile Jim Boeheim keeps going at 77. That probably has something to do with his sons playing for him; I believe they both have one more year.

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Yeah I agree, as soon as his sons leave, so will he…

Didn’t announce the retirement until after the season… poor guy, didn’t get to ride off in the sunset with cameras documenting every move for six months. Must not understand how the game is supposed to end.


Jay will be missed in the college basketball game. Class personified.

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Wow, surprising he doesn’t look 60 either.

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or he knew exactly that he didn’t want a dog and pony show like coach k had…some prefer to just fade away and if you were being sacaristic…i apologize now

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Maybe he is headed for the pros.

feels like the first Coach K retirement… Obviously Jay Wright still has the gift of coaching and skill to adapt.

Sarcastic is correct… directed toward the Lord of The Floor.

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He heard about Clay’s retirement and say why not me Lord? I got more skills to show, he might open up a BBQ place.

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