Jay Bilas was right....

Said early in the week that UNC would blow us out. Oh well. Good season. Trending up I guess. We just suck mightily today. Just awful.

Quitting pretty early?

Need to shoot better for sure, missed about 4 point blank shots, had about 3 or 4 open 3s…got to shot out of your mind to have a chance

We are not yet competitive against the McDonald’s AA clubs (UK, UNC, Kansas, Duke, etc.). Mike is doing a good job with beating the teams we should but he’s not really generated many upsets. Generally, when we play top tier programs we get blown out. He has us headed in the right direction, just more slowly than most would like. We have the talent coming over the next few years to compete with the big time programs but not quite yet.

Love these early posts as we cut it to 5 at the half.

Yep. Never fails.

Hey. There you are! Where have you been? Been missing you.