Jaxon Wiggins

Might Jaxon Wiggins become Arkansas’ third starter? Dave Van Horn said today they are beginning to stretch his outings to build him into a starter candidate.

I have been wanting us to throw him in midweek games all along,especially since Kopps has been closer for 3-4 weeks.
I think he has unreal potential but lack of work will probably make it difficult to have command of the strike zone.I sure wished he could though becasue if he can master offspeed stuff and locate his FB better,he will be unhittable,cant teach 99, but as he has seen 99 straight down the middle will get hit in this league.

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Hopefully he has learned to pitch consistently in the strike zone. That’s really he’s only flaw right now…not throwing consistent strikes.

Yeah…but that’s kinda like saying a restaurant’s only flaw is that their food isn’t very good. You’re not going to be effective if you walk or hit one out of 3 batters, no matter what kind of “stuff” you have.

I’m not down on the kid…and that’s what he is…a kid. He’ll learn and I feel pretty good about him down the road. Just don’t know that we’ll be able to harness that much the rest of this season. In fact, I’d be very surprised.

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Jaxon doesn’t have many chances left to be the starter, so I don’t know how they’re going to start stretching too many of his outings. They could bring him in against UGA & see how he does to maybe get the third spot against UT or UF. I don’t think he’d pitch much, if at all, against ASU if they plan to start him at TN.

Maybe stretch out his bullpen days between games, I guess.

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Surely our pitchers are throwing simulated innings with all the facilities and technology available to them. He hasn’t pitched in a game in over two weeks, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t throwing. If Coach says they’re getting him stretched out, it’s coming in practice sessions.

Honestly, I don’t want him to learn to consistently throw strikes. I want him to learn how to put the ball just off the plate. Even if he takes 3-5 MPH off the fastball, the pitcher that can command the corners doesn’t need a whole bevy of pitches.

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I spoke with Matt Hobbs yesterday about Wiggins potentially starting the third game this weekend.

If so, he won’t pitch in the non-conf midweek game unless he doesn’t get far at all Sunday. Will that be a game where they try to give Noland a shot?

Matt how did he do against the hitters Monday? I am glad he’s been working on offspeed stuff because Hobbs is correct if these SEC hitters know a FB is coming they are going to ambush it and that is what is happening to him.
He can be huge if he locate the FB better and command the offspeed.