Jaxon Robinson starting today

Team definitely missing Jaylin’s scoring and rebounding

At half KK 13 minutes with a team best of +17 when in. Devo with 3 quick fouls and is -4

UNT has made more free throws than field goals (9-8)

But we almost have as well (11-12)

First media timeout second half

hogs 46-32

Devo picked up fourth foul

Ugly O…really good D… Muss’ teams tend to come out of the gate slow cuz so much roster turnover…same thing at Nevada

50-38 at the under 12 TO

Everyone has to understand that this team will take time to gel, but when they do, look out.

Getting annihilated on the glass

Lead down to 50-45

Under 8 TO
UNT with possession

This has been a reversal from first game
This game we seemed to have well in hand but have had a very poor stretch in the second half for them to get back in it

Yeah, it’s difficult to play a UNT type of team, grind it out out halfcourt ball w/o your best post player

Connor hasn’t done much at all

I’m sorry but Connor is dead weight.

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Umude just fouled out
Lead down to 56-53

Yeah, starting to wonder about him too

If we can get Jaylin and Khamani healthy maybe we can have some semblance of an inside game

Can’t just rely on shooting jumpers all game long

No offense at all right now. Wow.

Gotta drive and work the inside.

We miss Justin Smith

I know, it’s an understatement

Boy, do we ever miss him…I expected a slow start to the season…but we’ve looked really bad early …Muss not happy I’m sure…

1:18 left
We are inbounding

Getting everyone healthy will help…

our ball