Jaxon Robinson starting today

Instead of Jaylin Williams.

Five guard lineup

Hope it’s nothing too serious w/Jaylin. Still having knee issue?

Gosh, we’re playing a small lineup. We need our bigs to get healthy. At least Wade is back and playing now.

We’re 4-4 shooting FTs early. That’s a marked improvement over last game.

Lykes with 3 personal fouls already.

Shooting the 3-ball better, but it’s still early of course.

Seems to be a slow, grind it out type of game, as expected, playing UNT.

Anyone listening to the game broadcast? I can only get live stats.

We are looking like a team that is going to struggle to score

Would have never expected that

Yes it’s live on the game day app

KK with 2 assists and a steal.

Arkansas appears to be playing really good D. Holding UNT to under 20% shooting.

Hogs now up double digits, slowly pulling away from UNT.

Hogs starting to get the O going now. Up 12.

Lykes has 2

Devo has 3

Can’t download stupid app. I’m gonna let folks listening take over commentary now. Hogs up 12. Under 5:00 left in 1st half.

36-20 Hogs
3:36 first half

We are shooting 47.6%
Holding them to 22.2%

But getting killed on the boards

Yeah, missing Jaylin’s rebounding, it seems

Halftime 42-28

It’s a foul fest

JT pretty much the offense

Kk playing a lot of minutes looks good.