Jawun Evans - Ok ST - WOW

Where in the world did he come from and how in the heck did OK St get him? I’ve watched a lot of college basketball this last week or 2 and he’s the best player I’ve seen. And yes, I’ve watched KY, NC, Duke, KU, etc. I just watched him and OK St beat UConn at the Maui Invitational. At least, in this game, he’s the closest to Iverson potential of any player I’ve seen since ,well, Iverson.

Obviously there have been better players come out of college recently than Iverson, but I’m talking about a (generous) 6’1" guard that controls the offensive and defensive ends of the floor, finishes at the rim, finds the open man, hits the three, and plays great defense. He was pretty good as a freshman starter last year, but through 4 games this year, he looks to be all world.

And, we get picked this year to go play at OK St in the SEC-Big12 match-up. Did anyone else see the game tonight?

Also, Underwood may be next Eddy Sutton. They love him there.

This will be a very tough game for us since one of our main weaknesses is guarding the three ball. OSU can shoot threes.