Javon Franklin's season-ending injury ends Holmes career (Story)...

instead of rushing back, Franklin will get fully healthy and plan to play three years at his next stop - which I believe will be Arkansas.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … is-holmes/

You never wish an injury on anyone, but this could at least change a dark lining into a bit of a silver lining for Javon and the Hogs. Really, really nice thing for Flanigan to do. Clearly, he wants only the best for his players and is looking out for them on and off the court.

Showing some class and looking out for the young man. Well done Coach.
Let’s all hope he gets healthy and recovers. It would be great to see him on the hill for 3 years.

Dudley do you like him over AJ? cause I don’t
I see Franklin more of a project and AJ as a ready baller

One over the other because it would be used against the Razorbacks in Recruiting because I was once employed by the Arkansas basketball department and thus considered a representative by the NCAA.

I have to walk a fine line.

I can list their weaknesses and strengths, but not pick one

Hope his rehab goes well and he plays for the hogs.

Thanks Dudley that’s very understandable… And I would very much like to read about each of their strengths and weaknesses

I plan to do so when I get the time to watch over tape.

Dudley if two spots open up (I think that’s the most likely, and hopefully none more) do you think this staff would take two jucos or do you think they take 1 juco and one grad transfer? I know you want to open up spots for 2020 but it seems like Franklin, DouDou and Braham are guys who could come in and really help out next year.

I have always expected them to take three - including Justice.

I believe they will assess the season and decided what is needed most and go from there.