Javon Franklin

Apparently has an offer now…how soon till he commits?

Who is that?

One of the better players in the state the year Gafford and Garland graduated HS. He had to go the JUCO route.

In the high school championship game he outplayed our “recently transferred to Depaul” small forward. If his grades had been in order, he would have gotten that scholarship.

His freshman stats from Holmes CC:

29 games played - started 18
10.8 PPG
8.2 RPG
2.5 BPG

63% FG
61% FT
17% 3PT

1.2 Assist to turnover ratio

Averaged 23 mins a game

His Points per 40 mins is 18.4

Apparently has really improved his jumper/ball handling. If so could be a vintage Mike type swing forward.

Why did he only start 19 of 28 games? He is a super freaky athletic player. Great in transition and a beast on the boards, but he is also an undersized inside player who is not as good on the perimeter as Da Hall of Depaul was. Maybe a slight upgrade to Adrio Bailey.

Good question. Maybe since he was a freshman it took him that many games to work into the starting lineup? Might be a seniority thing kinda like Mike does with players at times.

He’s had the offer for quite awhile now

True, but just made public for whatever reason.

I just watched Franklin and Hall play against each other in the state championship game. Hall had longer arms but Franklin seemed the quicker and higher leaper. Franklin definitely had a more advanced offensive skill set than Hall. I don’t remember either shooting threes so I can’t compare that.

Franklin is definitely better inside and a better athlete than the athletic Hall. Hall however did show a decent perimeter game in his one year on the Hill. I can see Javon bringing a lot of energy off the bench, but I don’t see him being the next Michael Qualls.

The whole thing with Javon is he can’t play inside at 6-6 and had to develop more of an outside game. He looks to have done that at Holmes.

I understand he is planning a September visit. He will probably commit then. Question is how does Mike manage this with possibly Gafford scholarship is the only one available and he probably wants to replace Gafford with a true big. And then we have a couple of others who we are hot on. And then there is Justice Hill.

I see Fitz Hill at the grocery store often. Always want to ask him about this, but always hold back thinking it is personal. However, Justice seems committed to playing BB at Arkansas. I suppose Mike has a plan for him.

My opinion only but Gabe Osabuohien was a step up this past season due to his ability to handle the rock at nearly 6’8 and I really, really like Bailey.

The moderator’s will tell you I have publicly in frustration pointed out weak links on the roster and this IS THE FIRST TIME IN MANY YRS that every single player on a University of Arkansas :basketball: scholarship can be a difference maker at some capacity.

Not all are next level talent mind you but I haven’t seen a roster so complete from 1-13 with this talent level since the early 90’s. Their is very minimal drop off between the first & second five and if they stick around until their junior year


I hope no-one transfers!!

Saw Franklin play in the Rumble on the Ridge against very good competition. He really stood out. In my humble opinion, I think he would do well as a Hog and would be a good fit in the system that CA runs.

I watched Parkview at Jacksonville a couple years ago. I was there to watch Garland and Ethan Henderson.

Javon Franklin stole the show.

He was the best player on that team, but not necessarily the best college prospect. Rarely does a 6’5- 6’6 guy dominate inside at the high D-1 level. Corliss did, but Javon is not the second coming of Big Nasty. He is an athlete who will be a good supporting player in MA’s system.

With no inside information, I really do think Hill will end up playing both football and basketball for UofA on a football scholarship. I just don’t see Hill completely giving up football he always comes back to it. And his visit to talk to Coach Morris a few months back shows he’s definitely interested in doing that. I think what will happen is he’ll blow up during the season and pick up some more offers then eventually Coach Morris will offer him as well. I know he already has a football offer from Auburn so he’s definitely a high major football player.

As far as the rest of the class, I think we’re going to sign 1-2 in the fall (That’s not counting Hill). The way the staff is recruiting and offering all signs point to that. We know Gafford is 1 scholarship and we know Garland status is up in the air, that’s possibly 2. My best guess at this point would be Javon Franklin and 1 big out of (Kai Jones, Jared Jones, or another big we don’t know about atm) will be the fall class. Then in the Spring we can expect 1-2 transfers, I would assume if Issac McBride is still on the table then they’d offer him with first available Spring Scholarship. So after it’s all said and done I think the 19 class will be a 3-4 man class.

With the depth of the 2020 class, I don’t think we should sign more than 1 player this year. Any more, unless he is a “can’t miss prospect” would be a mistake in my opinion.