Javon Franklin

Are we still recruiting him? What are the chances he signs with the Hogs? I know we have more pressing needs than signing another undersized 4, but I sure do like the way he plays. I think he would be an upgrade to our current 6’6 player playing the 4.

According to reports we’ve moved on from him which I think was a smart move too many question marks with him I.e “is he skilled enough?” “what is his strength outside of jumping high?”

Could be that he was not recovering from the leg injury and we could not wait.

This :arrow_up: is what I’ve heard… A healthy Javon Franklin is 10 times the player Adrio Bailey & Gabe Osabuohien are.

I hope they are staying in touch. There are no guarantees we get any of these Juco kids or Hawkins.

How so? Are you going based on his stats?

He averaged 10.8 PPG / 8.2 RPG, shot 16% from 3, and 60% from free throw line in JUCO. I have no doubt in my mind that both Adrio and Gabe could put up similar if not better stats than that at the JUCO level. I’m not the biggest Gabe and Adrio fans I’ve certainly voiced my opinion on that before, but the amount of bashing they receive on a daily basis from our fans is unreal. Those guys both played a good game yesterday in a very hostile environment on the road against a Big 10 opponent.

He’s right, or atleast I agree.

Javon would be better.

Javon was the best player on that parkview team with garland, Henderson and a young Moody. I watched them several times, and the thought never crossed my mind that either garland or Henderson was better. Javon was far more athletic, had good size and he was electric to watch. I agree he’s be better than bailey. Hard to compare him to Gabe because they are different sizes and players. Either way , Javon is good.

The first time I watched them, I thought Javon was Garland, when he was committed to us and I was extremely excited. Then I found out that it wasn’t garland. Garland was good, he just didn’t show me what Javon did. He also was not the 6’5 he was listed as while Javon was a solid 6’6. Idk how big Garland is now but he may have been 6’3 then, Maybe.

You do realize Bailey was the best player on his team in high school as well right? Bailey’s high school highlights looked amazing, he was dunking on everyone in high school, and pinning shots on the back board. He had this one highlight tape made by his high school as a playoff hype video, to this day it’s still one of the most amazing highlight tapes I’ve seen, Adrio was everywhere on the court and dunking everything. Everyone that watched his highlights thought it was a great pick-up by the staff and they were saying he would be the next Michael Qualls here at Arkansas. You can go back and search people’s post history on that.

And facts are Javon was a 3-star out of high school, and he put up moderate numbers his first year in JUCO. The main complaint about Bailey and Gabe is their shooting, based on stats Javon can’t shoot either. I know me and Baked have had conversations in PM and both thought Javon wouldn’t be an upgrade over what we had. We need guys that are 100% and guys that can make an instant impact next year, it’s a make or break year. I always thought even if fully healthy Javon would be a project that would have to improve ball handling, shooting, and put on some weight before he would be effective at the SEC level. And with all that said I wish Javon the best and a full recovery, he has huge upside, and you never know he may end up eventually finding himself in a hog uniform before his career is over. I’m really anxious to see where he ends up.

Javons ranking likely was hurt because he wasn’t going to qualify. So not sure that any indication of his talent.

As far as bailey being the best in his high school team, god id hope that a guy playing at a P5 school was the best on his highschool team. I pointed Javon to the other guys because it’s not all that often at a school in LR do you have 4 high level basketball players on the same team, granted Henderson and moody were young, and obviously Moody was the best of them all, and we won’t be getting him unfortunately. There was also a PG on that team that was really good.

Bailey just isn’t that good of a player to me. He’s a liability, I don’t personally think he’s a P5 talent. I think this team currently only has a few true P5 players and he’s not one. I think Javons athleticism and ceiling easily makes him a better prospect to be fully developed at a P5 school. That’s just my opinion.

I agree we definitely need for sure upgrades. Unfortunately it’s a pipe dream to think you’re going to find that in the late spring. Just probably not going to happen.

I only saw him play one time and that was in the state finals…He was the kid that got my attention on that team. Kid could jump out of the gym. Reports from some of the reporters was that he had really improved his shooting and ball handling. Shame he had the injury. He would look good in razorback uniform.

Agreed. He stood out every time you watched. I got to watch him against Mills their SR year, and I even thought he was better than Hall, who had similar size and athleticism. Javon just had “it” he was fun to watch. He wasn’t a bad shot in highschool either, wasn’t great, and did drive to the basket a lot, but he was capable.

That was a really fun game to watch. Hall was one of those guys who also had “it” and he could jump out of the gym also.

All I’m saying you guys are banking a lot on a kid is 10x better than Bailey and Gabe, when his ranking wasn’t even higher, and didn’t even dominate JUCO ball and shot 16% there. If you shoot 16% in gyms with only a couple hundred people in there, that means you’re likely to shoot about 10% in SEC gyms in front of 10k+ people with a student section screaming at you on a nightly basis. I just don’t understand how someone could criticize Bailey while bragging about how good Javon is at the same time, they are basically the same player, expect one of them has actually played in the SEC and had good games there, and the other put up moderate numbers at the JUCO level. But hey, to each his own.

Also, last thing, you do realize we added Mason Jones in the late period last year? I’m confused on how it’s a pipe dream for staff to land a quality player in the Spring, when a lot of the top JUCO guys are still available. It makes no sense to me because you are talking about how good Javon is and how good he would have been here, and he didn’t even have that good of stats at JUCO, yet we are recruiting guys right now that actually dominated JUCO and put up great numbers that we have a shot with, yet you’re not impressed with them. I just don’t get that, seems like you just like Javon because you seen him in person, and because you didn’t see these other guys you’re automatically dismissing them when their numbers are WAY better than Javon’s were.

I never said he’d be 10x better. I simply said I think he’s be better, I also said his development at a P5 school would be a part of that. I think he’s just got a higher ceiling and could be a better player. Not comparing him to Gabe, they aren’t similar players to me.

I’ve seen Adrio much more in person than I have Javon, so I’m not biased because of seeing one or the other in person. Just going off what I personally feel, it’s just my opinion which isn’t any better than anyone else’s. Not a basketball expert, just go off the eye test.

I understand Javon didn’t have great stats in Juco, that’s ok with me, there are a lot of factors that could play into that, I don’t think it determines the player he could be.

You point out his ranking again, I’m just curious as to what you think about Justice Hill? I see a lot are saying he’s a big piece for next year but he was just a lowly 3 star, I assume you would think he wouldn’t be a good player either based off that?

Yeah we did get mason Jones, but I don’t think anyone expected him to be as good as he was this year, it was a nice find. We don’t need a guard as much as we need bigs, and a lot of the bigs are long gone, and it doesn’t look like we are in that great of shape with any good ones. I see Stith a lot, but he’s only 6’8 and I’m not sure he’s the missing piece that we so desperately need, would he be an upgrade over Gabe with another year of development? Idk.

It’s not arguable that it’s less likely to find impact players this late in the game. You can do it, but just less likely. We need players who will be draft picks, not guys who come in and give some meaningful minutes. Who was the last draft pick we found in the late spring? That’s a different level of talent that we are missing.

You thought we were getting a draft pick in the early period lol? Considering we’ve only had 1 thus far (2 after Gafford goes) in CMA’s 8 years, I think getting a player of that caliber in the fall or spring was highly unlikely.

As far as Justice Hill, I’ve had him pegged as the 3rd string PG next year. I put up my projected lineup for next year a couple days ago. Now, rankings aren’t the be all end of everything, as seen by Mason Jones, and a lot of other examples, I’m not basing that opinion on his ranking, just that I think the older guys will be ahead of him.

And back to Javon Franklin, seems like whoever they hogs don’t get always is the flavor of the month on who we are missing out on and how they were are so great. I hardly remember any of you guys talking about Javon Franklin before Hogs announced they were moving on, then soon as he’s no longer considered a prospect all of a sudden he was so great and better than everyone we have at that position, yet if he wasn’t from Arkansas, and I posted his JUCO stats, you guys would be bashing the staff asking why are we recruiting more guys that can’t shoot and athletes only, then when they go recruit guys that can shoot and do other things, like Stith, now it’s we need guys that are going to be draft picks… amazing.

I never said we are getting draft picks in either. I said we need them, don’t you agree?

2 in 8 years says a lot to me. It says irrelevance. We need to start getting draft pick talent more regularly, maybe not every year, but I honestly don’t think that should be all that unrealistic either. That’s a lot of Mikes issue right now, he hasn’t recruited well enough at all.

The initial comment was on if Javon would be better than Adrio , not whether he would be a draft pick.

Had Javon not broken his leg would we have backed off? I doubt it, I think Mike feels heat and knows he doesn’t have the time to develop Javon. He needs instant guys, and there’s just not a lot of them this late in the game.

Only signing 1 in the early time is pretty killer right now.

You may be right about Javon his stats and being from Arkansas getting some favoritism, I could see that. But it could also be because some, probably many have seen him play in person. He’s just a really talented dude. That’s all. I think he’s without a doubt got more talent than Adrio, and that was my initial comment. Would he be better next year? Idk depends how he does coming off tho injury, in the long run I definitely think he would be a better player.

But, ultimately the end all on this is that Mike hasn’t recruited enough talent consistently here. That’s likely why we are having these types of discussions. Have to recruit better, have to get big time in state guys, and maybe Mike just can’t get that done.