Javon Franklin come on down....

for 2019 that is.

http://www.njcaa.org/sports/mbkb/2017-1 … anklinu6zj


He’s not better than Jahimus Ramsey the kid for Helena-West Helena it’s no way you offer Franklin over him imo

Are you sure this Ramsey kid is from HWH? Every recruiting site I’ve seen, says he is from Texas.


Different players

We will probably have 3 or more scholarships for 2019 for Hill, Ramsey and Franklin.

BTW, be aware Franklin played for Team Penny.

Well…here’s hoping Penny proves to be one of the many great players who could not coach. I know he has Larry Brown with him but Brown can’t coach much longer. Memphis will draw talent bc they pay so well.

Larry Brown will also invite the attention of the NCAA’s selective enforcement division.