Javon Frankin injured....

in last night’s season opener.

Working to get more details, but he played 11 minutes and scored six points in Holmes’ 85-72 win over Copiah-Lincoln.

Former El Dorado guard Czar Perry had 19 points.

Geez, I hope it’s nothing major!

It is.

He is having surgery per a tweet from Coach Flanigan.

Hope for a speedy recovery

DD - do you know if this was a Paul George/Gordon Hayward type of break or something more minor than that?

Clean break when somebody fell on him.

Hate this bummer for the kid.

He will be back in action a lot sooner with a lot less rehab than if it was a knee injury.

But he will have a decision to make based on how long it takes - play a few games in junior college or redshirt and have three years at his next stop?

If he had something to prove - i.e., needed the exposure to get top level offers - it would be one thing. Since he doesn’t, I’m guessing he will take option #2 and be ready to play next year at his destination of choice.

Purely a guess - I don’t claim to have any inside knowledge.