Javier Edwards to Colorado

Colorado just tweeted his signing.

Any idea what happened here?

That’s a surprise.

Legal weed, not Uncommon

While this is a big loss (no pun intended), what other defensive tackles are the coaches looking at?

As of now, Melvin Johnson.

He’s not a 3-4 DT…not by a long shot

Who? Melvin or Javier is not 3-4 DT?

Very cheap shot. Don’t blame the player, especially in such a classless way.

Would have been great to get Mr Edwards but he didn’t want to play for the Razorbacks plain and simple, I wish him the best at Colorado. Now we move on and start shaking the bushes for a nose guard, this time of the year there are a lot of emotional swings on the recruiting front and you never know what tomorrow brings. We had a good day yesterday getting guys we wanted,didn’t get everyone but we did better than okay in my opinion. More recruiting news ahead and who knows what will happen next is anyone’s guess ! WPS


Can you guess as to what happened with Javier Edwards? Based on all the reports, I was much more confident about him signing than I was Edwards. Did something happen in the last few days to flip him? Was he a silent commit to us and flipped late?

Sure. Swung and missed. Failed to close. Lost one we shouldn’t have. so on and so on.

Randy, I agree completely.

I wonder if the talk from Coach Beliema about employing a “3-4” was a bit of recruiting rhetoric to reach out to Edwards during the dead period. Opposing coaches have a way of “negative recruiting without negative recruiting”…you know, saying things like, maybe “You’ll be the man in the middle here; where they’ve never run a 3-4 and you’ll just be a guy in the rotation. That’s why we’re a better fit for you to play and improve and to be seen and ALL of those things are important to you, right? We’re just looking out for your best interests.”

Those are strong (if not imagined) words spoken to a 20 year old. I wish him the best; selfishly, if we couldn’t get him, I’m glad that he’s not at Florida or Auburn.

How 'bout that Martin kid? I didn’t see THAT good news coming? Who knew that Michael Smith had the family angle? Wow!

Something happened in the last few days. What? I don’t have the answer right now.

I have no idea about any of this. Who is the better prospect, who we graded higher, why Edwards picked CU over us. Might just be that they just won their division/10 games and that Boulder is a heckuva nice town. Which it is.

So I refuse to lose any sleep over it. Even if he winds up All-Pac-12. At least we don’t have to play against him unless we make the CFP, since there are no Pac-12/SEC bowl matchups.