Jason Witten likely retiring


I’m a lifelong Cowboys fan and Witten was easily one of my favorites to watch early from his time there. I hate to see him go, but kind of expected it might happen soon.

If this happens, the Cowboys will have former players as the lead NFL analyst on Fox, CBS and ESPN. Aikman, Romo and Witten all played their entire careers in Dallas.

I wonder how many people remember that Jason Witten was the one who caught the game-winning touchdown in Arkansas’ six-overtime loss at Tennessee in 2002? Here he is out-running Ken Hamlin to the end zone. They were later teammates in Dallas.

Witten is one of my all time favorite players (2nd favorite Cowboy behind Bill Bates). I remember watching the draft and him getting picked, I immediately said, “What a steal!”

Funny thing is a few years ago, when Henry came out, me and my son had a discussion. I told him Dallas should trade up into the end of the first round and grab Henry as Witten’s replacement. He would be able to play a few years with him, learn from him, then take over for him. When the story broke earlier, he texted me and said they should have taken Hunter when they had the chance.

As for Dallas, like you I’m a lifelong fan, but Dallas’ moves the last month border on Cleveland decision making. Got rid of Dez, drafted a LB (when you need a dependable receiver, and if you noticed last night when Goodell came out with the Cowboys legends, he said “three former Cowboys,” Witten was one of the three standing there, so they already knew about this), and now also needing a TE. Dallas is in trouble. Need a GM not named Jones.

I love Witten but it’s time. He can’t really run anymore. I was at that Tennessee game…brutal loss but an awesome game. We were so pissed. We just drove back to Fayetteville instead of spending the night in Knoxville like we had planned to. Long night…LOL

We saw that catch live and in person in Knoxville. Almost as bad as the 98 fumble game which we also attended. Witten was a great one.

My buddies and I did the same thing. Were we there together? :shock: :smiley: