Jason Peters signs with Cowboys

At age 40.


Perhaps the most successful NFL player Arkansas has ever produced.

2x All Pro
4x Second Team All Pro
9 Pro Bowls
NFL 2010s All-Decade Team
Super Bowl Champ

Future HOFer.

Great player. I was in Austin when he and Andrews were side by side and totally wiped out the Texas d- line on running plays. Cobbs had a great game that day.

Heard he was bumping 400lbs. That’s why he is going to the practice squad for some conditioning :muscle:t3::running_man:t2:

He’s going onto the practice squad because of money. Peters is the oldest man in the NFL not named Tom Brady. By signing a practice squad contract, he’ll get an NFL salary when active, but can be cut during the season if he flops. Dallas doesn’t want to risk paying a full season salary for a player near the end of his career, and Peters accepts this to prolong his career.

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