Jason Peters now the oldest NFL player

although I suspect he will also retire ala TB12


From back in the day!!! WPS!!!

too bad HDN could never get some talent where he wanted them, JP insisted on being TE and was actually scary good for a true OT or getting Matt Jones to be a TE. Follow the money which is why JP is a forever great and probable HOF OT.

The reason m. Jones didn’t go to the sooners is largely due to hdn finally agreeing he would be playing QB.

Regardless how good aTE or Wr he might have been, it could have been the smartest thing nutt ever did - recruiting wise. Well that batmobile stunt worked out

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And I think it was DL Hugely who joked last night that Tom Brady is now Florida’s youngest retiree.

I’ll be interested to see if Peters is re-signed by Dallas. I liked the role the Cowboys had him playing before he got injured against Tampa Bay. By all indications he was a great influence on Tyler Smith as a rookie.

There was a heavy formation during one of Dallas’ games late in the season that included Peters, Zack Martin and Tyron Smith. On the broadcast Greg Olsen said, “They must call this the Gold Jacket Formation.”

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