Jason Hodges

Jason Hodges, who was rated by some as the top incoming freshman this year, has transferred to a junior college. Had he stayed at Arkansas, I think he probably would have redshirted.

I think Hodges was not quite the player some thought he would be once he got on campus this fall, and the competition on the roster made it to where he was not going to get a lot of playing time as a freshman.

I’ll be interested to see if he tries to go pro in 2020 or tries to find another school.

Well the young man apparently didn’t want to redshirt. Playing time was more important to him. Development isn’t the first priority of some athletes that have been told for the last several years just how good they are!

Hodges was a bit overrated coming out of HS. He didn’t play well against below average HS competition and that showed out when he got to campus.