Jashaud Stewart

FYI, Arkansas was pretty much set on offering Jashaud very early on, but they wanted to see him in person. Caldwell went by the school last week and was able to size him up and that sealed the deal on the offer.

Coaches can’t talk to underclassmen, but they can watch them workout or practice. Caldwell was convinced he was the 6-2 coach Coleman said he was. He also feels good about him adding more height.

I could see adding weight, it’s not always clear on growing taller.

Kid plays with Heart and Passion…can’t place a value on that…bring him on.love how he plays.

Sometimes, you can tell by the size of the parents and their growth history. I have heard physicians talk about growth plates being indicators of future height, but that gets more technical. One thing I do know, Caldwell is a great judge of talent. He is the best recruiter & developer of talent on this staff based on his history at Arkansas.

Yeah, I know all the tricks of the trade, kid probably doesn’t have hair on his legs, means he’s still growing! I trust Caldwell for sure, I just found the comment lacking of reasons, haha.