Jarrion Lawson facing a 4 year ban

Ex-Razorback sprinter and long jumper Jarrion Lawson has been suspended since last August (I thought he was injured) and is facing a 4 year ban for testing positive for a metabolite of the banned anabolic steroid trenbolone. This is the drug that got Russia a long term ban in most sports.

This Susi stance is used frequently in US to promote the growth of beef cattle. Jarrion claims that he ate tainted beef at a Japanese restaurant in Fayetteville and is appealing his suspension. Unfortunately, that is what athletes that fail the test claim, so not sure if the appeal is going to be successful.

It is too bad. Jarrion was one of the Long Jump medal favorites for next year’s Tokyo Olympics,

Lawson’s level of trenbolone was very low, which supports his claim. Appeals are always a shot in the dark, but it seems his attorney has secured confirmation from the meat packers that supplied the restaurant that those cattle were indeed given steroids. It might just work.

I hope so.