Jarques McClellion

Wow! You gotta love this guy’s potential. Especially based on measureables. He is 6-0, 180, has recorded a 10.5 100-meter dash, has recorded a 25-9 long jump, allowed only two receptions at cornerback and had 512 yards on 16 pass catches this past season. No wonder his coach says he is long, lean and fast and might even be a better receiver than defensive back. No wonder one ranker looking ahead thinks he will be one of the first defensive backs drafted when his college career is history.

That 25’-9" long jump is more than just wow! It would be 2nd in the World at the high school level for 2016 if it were at a sanctioned event and not wind-aided. It would be first in the world for the years 2013, 14 and 15. That’s a world class future Olympic class jump. I wonder if Bucknam has had any contact with Jarquez and if our track program was a plus in his commit.

http://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/D … =17&type=8

With a number like that you’d have to think so. I mean that’s nuts for someone who is probably technique wise very raw at the event. That’s just pre athleticism, excited to see what he can do.

You know I really believe that report of 25-9 has gotta be a typo from somewhere.

That’s what he told me.

I know, from specializing in the long jump in high school many, many years ago, that a 6-8 mph trailing wind gust can add a foot or so to a “fired up” long jumper. But I tell you, even a big wind-aided 25’ 9" is a special jump for a high school Sr.

Regardless of the actual number, the wind, etc., it’s clear the kid is a special athlete and I can’t wait to see him in a Hog uniform.

Oh yeah, Harley, but apparently he did it as a junior. So, I’d say that, makes even more remarkable. Jesus, even 23-9 would be awesome. But what I was trying to point out with this post is Jarques is one hell of a prospect and how could he only be ranked a 3-star? Of course that ranking mess has been argued and argued. But I am gonna lay it out there. Jarques is closer to a 5-star than he is a three.

He played on a bad team (2-7) last year which may have contributed to his lower ranking? He certainly has a 4-star offer list with eleven P5 schools including Wisc, W. VA, FL, Louisville, Mich St, etc.

I looked up the national high school track rankings for 2016, and for indoor track for this winter. There is a high school kid in Illinois who went 26-1 outdoors last year in the world junior championships. A 25-9 would have been third on the list. But McClellion isn’t listed.

This was from the spring of 2016.