Jarod Barnes

Is he healthy and has he been playing on special teams? Might he be a possibility to run some wildcat stuff now that Hayden is out?

Also, if you get a chance can someone find out if Hammonds is healthy?

Cabot friends have told me that they’ve decided to redshirt Barnes.

I wrote on Hammonds last Thursday. He suffered a foot injury when he was inadvertently kicked in practice a couple of weeks back.

I believe he had two catches in the FAMU game. Surprised they didn’t use him after that.

The issue with Barnes is that there were several receivers ahead of him, and some could not redshirt. You can only travel so many players, so the travel squad usually is limited to around seven receivers. Cornelius, Martin, Nance, Jones, Stewart, Hammonds, Pettway and Warren all were ahead of him at receiver.

I get it that he is kind of raw as a WR. What I think he could do, is make plays out of the wildcat and help us on special teams. Isn’t he one of the fastest players on the team? This team just got a lot slower with the loss of Hayden.

He is supposedly healthy now and will move back to RB.

If he plays in any of the five remaining games, he’ll lose his redshirt.

No reason to do that this late in the season - especially at 2-5.

If CBB thinks he could make a difference in 1 or 2 games, I would think that he would burn it. It’s not like he hasn’t played at all. I know he played in the rattlesnake roundup.

That’s a big “if” though. Just to burn a redshirt.

Barnes is going to keep his redshirt. He won’t play at this point.

You can play early and still redshirt.

Would be a horrible move to play him, Montaric Brown and the OL among others