Jared Ridder

6’5 SF from Springfield, MO asked for his release from Xavier. Strange timing for a true freshman with the season just weeks away. It also means he will lose a year of eligibility. We offered last year and were one of his finalists. His GF is a volleyball player at Arkansas, and supposedly he wants to be closer to home. Normally Arkansas would be interested, but I’m not sure now with scholarships limited, and with one of them we need another post. He is a true elite level shooter so I wouldn’t totally discount it.


We were talking about this in the Ian Steere thread.

Very interesting because I believe we were originally among his top 2 schools, and he stated his reason for leaving Xavier is to be closer to home. With his GF on the Vollyball team and Arkansas being the closets high major school from his home town you would think there would be some interest, at least on his part.

Also, I don’t think he loses a year of eligibility (I could be wrong here). But, my guess is he would be considered redshirting this Fall and Spring and be eligible at the end of the semester next Fall, which would be in December 2018. And he’d be considered a Red Shirt Freshman starting then.

He will lose his freshman year due to the fact the school year has started. There is nothing he can do about that. Now he would keep his redshirt, but where ever he goes he will start out as a true SOPH in Dec 18.

At the time I was surprised he picked Xavier. They are a very good program, but he had made 2 unofficial visits and of course his GF was (and still is ) here.

I’m guessing no, but will check.

With schollies at a premium, I doubt Anderson would tie up two of them on redshirts.

If he wants to come here, I am sure that Arkansas will let him since he would only miss a few games of what would be a handful of his games and would still have 4 to play 4.

I have left a message for him.

Looks like Dudley is right here. My hesitation about saying Arkansas might not pursue Jared was because I think they’ll sign 6 in this class.

So are you saying we are interested/reached out? Thanks.

I am confused about his situation. When he enrolls at his new school, does he sit out a year and then have four years of eligibility starting next fall? Or does he have four years to play and is eligible immediately since he never played in any games or even had an official practice? Or does the timing of the transfer cause him to lose a year of eligibility and he will only have three years to play starting next fall?
I believe that Arkansas has no available scholarships this year, so I’m guessing he would have to be a walk-on for a year if he came here and then he would get one of the six scholarships in the 2018 class. Considering the need for an inside player, it would seem that if Ridder did come here it would eliminate Phillips and Hellums as possibilities.

Doesn’t make sense he would come here with our needs and spots available. We do need a elite outside shooter, but it would be hard to turn down Phillips + the other spot has to be a big.

I too am unsure how it would work in terms of walk-on for a year, etc.

The national letter-of-intent specifies that a kid who signs an LOI, but does not complete one academic year at his school, will lose a year of eligibility. In this case he would be a sophomore playing for us next fall. I believe Xavier can release him from the LOI, in which case he would just sit out the year as a transfer and play as a freshman next year, but they are not required to grant that release.

It’s my understanding that is what Xavier is planning on releasing him.

Those in Jared’s camp have reached out this way.

I have good reason to have very little doubt that Arkansas would take him and it would be figured out.

I think it would be smart on the staffs part to reach out and gain interest and see if it could possibly be a fit. I know many think Phillips and Chaney is a lock to be Hogs, but we all know how recruiting goes, it can change in a heartbeat, we can be the favorites today and not even be considered by the recruit the next week.

As of right now it looks like the top targets to fill the remaining spots 2 spots would be one of Phillips/Hellums and one of Chaney/Steere just from what we’ve been hearing. If we miss on both Phillips and Hellums at that SF spot a guy like Ridder would be a very good option to have.

Can you remind us of his game, strengths and weaknesses?

6’6 with a beautiful/quick release for a jumper. I’ve never seen him play other than these highlights. Was Mr Basketball in MO last year and a 4-star by most of the recruiting services.


Thanks Navy. Do you think he can hold up on the defensive end?

No idea. He is long for a SG/SF so he be fine in a zone. Not sure of his quickness or ability to guard.

6’7 wings that stroke it like that from outside are #uncommon, you find away for minutes and adjust accordingly on defense if required IMO.