Jared Lorenzen died today

Such a sad story. He had been hospitalized the past week with heart and liver problems.


Hard to believe, I knew he was not in good conditin but hard no idea. RIP

The E:60 special on him titled ‘The Hefty Lefty’ is very interesting. It’s a couple of years old, I believe, but I recommend checking that out if you haven’t before and/or want to know more about his story.

Was at the 7ot game in 2003, he could throw the ball around and run pretty good as well, made it interesting til the last play. Thoughts and prayers for the family.

He really threw a good looking tight spiral. He was a very nice QB…especially for UK.

So sad, prayers to his family and Wildcat Nation.

Sad news indeed. Prayers for his family and friends. Way too young.

I remember watching on tv the 7 overtime game and in the 2nd half when we were up pretty big and the crowd apparently starting to leave.Jared stood up on the bench and hollered at the crowd”hey where you going it gonna be a hell of a game”.Iv always thought that one of most unique things ever heard during a ballgame— he also was right on

I remember him doing that too. I always admire a competitor. Prayers for his family.

Sad for the family and friends, Jared could flat hum a football. He got a SB ring playing with NY when they beat the Patriots.

He was a good QB. I remember hearing Kentucky had a 300 lb. QB remembered when Arkansas’ offensive tackles were only 225 or so back in the 60s. He had an arm though.

If I remember correctly, they had one or two backup QBs pretty close to that size also.

He was definitely a fierce competitor that never gave up. The 7 OT game was proof.
Really respected him the way he played the game. Respected that arm to.
RIP Jared, you were a great one.

Definitely, you remembered seeing him. To watch him move around in the pocket and fling it was a quite a sight. As much as Matt Jones was a fantastic guy to watch in his days, Jared was, too, for different reasons. But it was the same kind of deal. You knew he was going to fight and compete until there was no more time on the clock. He liked to play the game – and eat.

I read yesterday where several Louisville players are helping pay for Jared’s funeral. Kentucky & Louisville have a bitter rivalry. It’s good to see these guys helping a respected rival.

I know this thread is a week old now, but I just noticed it & wanted to comment that the news really saddened me.