Jared Cornelius put in extra work and lost a lot of weight during bye week

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Michael Smith said Cornelius, Stewart, Jones and Nance will get significant reps. Warren, Hammonds and Cross are in the mix for the fifth spot. After a few seconds of pause, he threw Pettway in that mix, too.

I thought it was interesting that there are still seven in the running for snaps. That’s still a lot of players. I figure when Brandon Martin is fully healthy, he’ll be one of those, too. I have visions of Cornelius turning the corner and going the distance two years ago at LSU. That’s something that would really help this team. But, I’m not sure he’s ready to do that just yet. Losing weight will help those legs stay healthy.

It sounds like Pettway is pretty close to crisis point in his Hog career.

Sorry Cornelius was put in the position of starting after having had no practice for eight months.

I would definitely agree with that.

Is there anywhere else he could play and be productive? With so many players at the receiver position not just for this year but in the year(s) to come, would it be good to move him maybe to DB?

Question I have, maybe for Richard or DD, a lot of these kids Ark is counting on (even a couple on defense) come from 2A, 3A, 4A schools in Arkansas…how does that translate to the SEC? Seems like you must have extraordinary development of these kids (coaching, weight room, nutrition, etc.) before than can contribute…are they ready in their Sophomore year?

Some are and some aren’t. I think there were three pretty special players from Pettway’s high school who hit the ground running for us about 9 years ago.

Definitely depends on the kid and the circumstances, I think.

As far as Pettway, I seem to recall he was a pretty good safety in high school. Don’t know how likely a change would or wouldn’t be. He’d be a big safety and I’d wonder about his speed on the back end.