Jared Cornelius in a boot.

Anyone know what the reason is? Has he reaggrivated his Achilles?

Saw it on a video of he and Chad Morris handing out scantrons and Red Bull.


I figured.
Also thought he was getting close to 100%, if that’s the case I don’t understand the boot. You don’t want to become dependent on that extra stability. Maybe he wasn’t as close to healthy as I was thinking.

I saw players wearing walking boots last year when they were fine to play. I think it is something that is endorsed by this medical staff.

Talked with a football spokesman today about Jared. He said Dak Prescott used to wear boots quite often just as a precaution. This is along those same lines. A quick Google search gives you several stories about Dak and wearing a walking boot as a precaution and ‘fashion statement.’ If Jared was riding around campus on a Ryan Mallett-esque scooter it would be a different story.

I’ll talk to Jared in the next few days. I’ll dive into this a little deeper, but I’m told today that there are no real issues with this.