Jared Cornelius announces that he will return next season

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I know that earlier in the year – after some of his big games – it was a thought that probably made some sense to go ahead to the next level. But he’s fought through some injuries of late and didn’t have as big a chance to shine. He’ll be the featured receiver next year. Makes all the sense in the world to return. He’s going to have a better offensive line (more experienced) and a top-notch quarterback, too. He should have a big year. He’s fighting back from a knee sprain against Missouri. He’s been restricted in practice since the regular season ended. I suspected he’d come back, but I thought that with Denver Kirkland, too. Jared is very smart. So he’s easier to figure and has better home situation than Denver. Perhaps Denver didn’t have a choice.

The gifts just keep on coming. Hope you have a healthy and productive year in 2017, Jared. WPS!

Looking forward to a big year and higher draft stock for Jared.

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WooHoo! Thanks, Jared. We need you. You’ll be a ball player all your life; you’ll only be a senior once.

This is how a good season starts. \t

Now if we can only get some good news on the defensive side of the ball.

Good news, but I have to ask. Was he considering turning pro? I like JC as much as the next guy, but the idea of him turning pro seems kind of silly.

Well, if he felt the need to announce that he was coming back, yeah, I’d say he was considering it.

Bret Bielema mentioned during the open date that the two that were considering it were Frank Ragnow and Jared Cornelius. Cornelius never mentioned it to the media and Bielema said there could be a chance he’d get back a grade high enough to consider it. But no one thought that was going to happen. It was always a long shot at best.