Jannero Pargo is playing in Ice Cube's Big3

He is playing with Trilogy.

This league has been surprisingly entertaining. Anyone else watch?

Just finished watching Pargo play. He got added on late, he’s starting to get more playing time and finding this rhythm. He’ll probably be starting within the next couple of weeks.

As far as the entire league, it’s awesome. These guys are playing hard every single game, and the refs actually let them play, it’s a physical league. And I seriously believe a few of these guys could still play in the NBA. Al Harrington is an absolute beast, I have no doubt he could come off the bench for somebody right now, he’s almost guaranteed to be league MVP. Rashard Lewis also looks really good.

Only thing I’m disappointed in is Allen Iverson. He didn’t really take care of his body and he’s really not able to play. He’s only 42, that’s actually probably mid-age in this league and he really can’t play more than a couple of minutes without getting exposed. Right now he’s the face of the league and can’t play, so going into next year for marketing Ice Cube is going to probably have to throw some money at some guys like Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant and get them to play.

Cuttino Mobley is a black hole, but he can still stroke it.

Speaking of still stroking it - saw Mahmoud Rauf play couple times and he was on fire.

I’m a BB junkie and so far I’m entertained.

He’s my favorite player in the league. Why is he still super quick at 48? It’s almost unreal. He’s a guy that really kept himself in shape, and like you said he can really shoot the ball.

I’d like to see some more shooters in the league like Ray Allen and Mike Miller. They’d dominate with the 4 point shot.

This 3 on 3 ball is highly entertaining. Reminds me of the Hoopfest on streets of Little Rock.

Remember 2020 Olympics will have 3 on 3 competition. Wonder teams will be made up of current pros or these old timers.

I would think it depends on how much interest the superstars have in it. If most of the NBA guys turn it down, they’d probably look to put together an all-star team from the big 3 league.

I’ve enjoyed watching it

Where can you catch games? This would be fun to watch

Fox Sports 1 on Monday nights.

Airing now on FS1. Trilogy plays later

Wonde why they show these games on one day delayed basis.

Easier to package on TV would be my guess

The championship will air live