Janeek Brown turns pro

Announced on Twitter. Not a surprise with the Olympics coming up next year. I will not be surprised to see her in medal contention in the hurdles for Jamaica, just like another Hog, Omar McLeod. She helped get us two nattys so I can’t begrudge her a thing.

Now it is time for me to root against her without any mixed feelings. USA dominates the 100M Hurdles. Don’t want her to beat any American to the medal stand.

This is an interesting - and possibly, sensitive - subject. It isn’t for me - but I understand that it might be for some.

I understand what you’re saying. Generally, of course, I pull for all US athletes in international competition, such as the Olympics. But I also root for all former Razorbacks (unless they left to join another school). I don’t root against the USA, but I do root for the former Hogs. Same on the PGA and LPGA tours. And, for that matter, the NFL. I root for former Razorbacks to do well even if it means Dallas losing. Such is my devotion to the Razorbacks. I also pull for Andrew Benintendi to do well against the Texas Rangers (who I otherwise pull for).

That’s just the way i feel. I know and understand that others are for their other rooting interests ahead of ex-Hogs. And, I respect that. But for my sports loyalties, it’s Razorbacks first and everything else after that.

I feel the same as you do when it comes to NBA, NFL or MLB. There is no such thing as USA in those cases.

There is nothing more exciting than to hear US national anthem played at Olympics and World Championships and other international events. I get goosebumps watching an American athlete at the top of the medal stand.

Ideal scenario for me is for three Americans and Brown make the 100M Hurdles final in Doha in September where World Championships will be held, the announcer mentions Brown is an ex-Razorback, plugs UofA and then the three Americans sweep gold, silver and bronze medals. If form holds, that is exactly what is projected happen in Doha. What is even conflicting is that the bronze medal winner should be Sharika Nelvis, who competed for Arkansas State.

Now if for some reason, none of the Americans are in the race, I want Brown to win.

My feeling on the subject is this: Janeek Brown didn’t choose to be born in Jamaica. She DID choose to be a Hog. I am not going to blame her for the accident of birth. So I have no problem rooting for her. If she wins silver and US wins gold, great. If she wins gold, like McLeod did in Rio, even better.

Understand that. If my interest in Olympic sports such as Track&Field was simply to follow ex-Razorbacks, I would do exactly what you are doing.

Just based on the few races I watched her run this year, I believe she’s an absolute international star in the making. She improved in each of the SEC, Regionals, and NCAA tournaments this season. Janeek’s last race was just a fraction of a second behind the world leading time. She’s young enough that she should continue to improve this next year. If she does, I won’t be surprised if she takes the Gold.

Absolutely agree with that. She has that talent. I doubt she will take the gold in Doha. She has not run on the pro circuit except a few races. And her times did not approach her personal best in those races. That happens when you run against the best competition. Until you get some experience, you press in the closing stages and your technique falters. Hurdles is all about technique and taking exactly the same number of steps between hurdles as you do in practice. She should really start doing well in 2020. She will have tough competitions. There are six Americans and two fellow Jamaicans that she will have to chase for medals.