Jan 2020, would you believe 3 point loss ‘21

To defending national champion program when some 25 percent of roster did not play even?

Amazing turn around

They give coach of the year typically to guys with built in advantages who are winning - like that’s hard.

What we are seeing is a real coach of the year.

We are disappointed today.

But after last few years, I did not expect today or this kind of fight from a program left for dead.

We like to promote proven elites - as if having resources means great coaching, but sometimes life is about winning when no one believes in you.

We are watching something special with more life lessons than most can ever appreciate.


Moral victories don’t mean much, especially when there are a number of controversial calls that had been looked at by allegedly intelligent men of character. Note I do not include Marc Curles among those.

Whole heartedly agree with this post. Yes, we are disappointed today. There are no moral victories, I get it. Last year we did not even scare a moral victory in the SEC. This team knows they are the beginning. These players believe in our coaches and that plays HUGE in recruiting. We compete, we have won 4 in the SEC, we are getting better. Adios the Chad Morris cluster______. Only good things to come for the Hogs. Level of talent will go up and we will be able to run the ball when necessary.

I haven’t watched a lot of what the rest of the world calls football, but from what I have there is a huge wild card. Over much of the field a foul has little adverse effect, the ball is placed down and play continues. But extra care must be taken not to foul in front of the goal. That is almost a guaranteed point. It’s a game changer in that it dictates subsequent strategy from there on. That happened to the Razorbacks today and it was a killer.

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