Jan. 20-22 official visit list

Thanks. I wasn’t 100% that we posted the offer or not. I did a search and there it was.

Thx again BUD

Anyone seeing montaric brown decomitting? 247 sports has him on their crystal ball with 60 percent to Bama, and Sec country said today they think he will flip. I hope not and haven’t heard anything different until now anyone’s thoughts?

Make sure they aren’t old predictions, neither of those websites do a good job of taking down old predictions.

Disregard. Very bad info. The guy was so ill informed.


Disregard. Very bad info. The guy was so ill informed.
[/quote]Has that crystal ball ever been correct ? I don’t think it has ever been when it has been in our favor, but might be my limited access to it. Found it too inconsistent to believe, so I quit looking at it.

Thanks RD , and everyone else, the guy on sec country sounded like a moron. I think he is still with us not going anywhere WPS!!!

I’ve taken Brad Stewart off the list after he named a top six and Arkansas didn’t make the cut.

He was quoted as saying Arkansas was hardest team to cut. Loved our coaches, but didn’t feel like we were a place he could “make a name.”

But he has freaking Kansas on his list!

Good grief - offer Jaidan Cole and quit spinning your wheels.

Jackson, you are right. That is quite odd that he can make a name at Kansas and not Arkansas.

Quotes like that remind you just how young these kids are and how easily swayed they are sometimes by the most random things. I mean…Kansas??

I would be happy with that finish, especially if we hold on to who we already have committed.

That’s a very old post. Calloway and Johnson are still possibilities.

Can you give us some details about the kids you think will jump on board

Chevin Calloway and Melvin Johnson are the ones I feel good about now.

Took Kamren Curl off the list. He’s visiting the week afterward.

DL Malik Young and CB commit Jordon Curtis have been added.